WhiteTree fabrics are delighted to welcome Erin Currie to the WhiteTree Blogging Team.


SeamstressErin Ph.D. is a biochemist who would rather be sewing. Always with a project in hand and a cat on her lap, she blogs about DIY sewing, knitting, crafting, quilting, and needlework at SeamstressErin.com. Erin has been sewing since she was a kid, started college as a costume design major, took a detour into biochemistry that she followed through to her Ph.D., and is now looking forward to returning full time to her love of sewing. Drawing on inspirations as diverse as science and vintage fashion, Erin makes fun things and has fun making things. 

Erin is our first international blogger, hailing from the US. You can find SeamstressErin on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and you can follow her sewing adventures on her blog.