Meet Amanda, our lovely blogger and the leader of our Christmas Party Dress sew-a-long.

Amanda Gledhill

Amanda was one of the first people to join our team earlier this year and has also been one of our most productive bloggers, having notched up an impressive 7 makes since June 2014. That's more than a project a month! Amanda always has such fantastic ideas about which fabric will work with which pattern and so when she suggested a Christmas dress sew-a-long, we started to investigate and research. We came up with the fabrics and the sewing pattern and got really good feedback on all of them. So, if you want to see what we selected and buy the kit, click here.

We'll be making Option B.

Now to kick off with Part 1 of the sew-a-long: Getting Started!

Christmas Dress

As a WhiteTree fabrics blogger, they send me the fabric of my choice to make into something beautiful! I have managed to create some beautiful makes with their fabric over the past 6 months. This post is slightly different as I asked WTF if I could make a party dress and do a sew along. I offered some ideas and with Lisa and her ability to network we came up with Vogue 8241. 

I was delighted when this fabric and pattern were chosen as it is an easy pattern with a lining, which works well with our fabric choice. This is a vintage lace in a sapphire grey. It has a slight stretch and is absolutely beautiful.

It will not need a hem due to the lovely scalloped edge, which will make it an easy sew for us.


 I cut out my pattern first and pinned it onto my mannequin just to check it would fit.

Christmas party dress

I then decided to cut the lining out first and once again checked it would fit the mannequin.

Christmas Party Dress

Once I had checked it was definitely going to fit I carefully cut out the lace. Take care with where the fold of your bodice is and make sure you are happy with where the flowers on the lace will be. I was very careful with the lace cutting as it is so delicate.

I measured the length I wanted my dress to be. I am going for a full length style with a scalloped hem so I measured from my waist to the correct length. I then folded back 3 inches of the pattern so the hem would be the scallop.

Christmas Party Dress

And guess what…..I pinned it to the mannequin! I also used post-it notes to remember which side is the right side.

So….cutting out all done and we are ready to sew. Join us for Part 2, coming up really soon. 

Essentials shopping list

Sew-a-long complete kit

Pattern cutting scissors

Fabric Shears

Learn more about the lace and other colour options available