WhiteTree fabrics are absolutely delighted to welcome a brand new addition to our blog team - our first ever male blogger! I hope you'll join me in welcoming Curtis Fulcher of Pudleston Patchwork on board the team. Curtis joins our multi talented, productive, knowledgable, enthusiastic community due to a spot opening up recently. I'll let Curtis explain the rest....

Pudleston Patchwork


Name: Curtis Fulcher
Age: 31
Location: Pudleston in rural Herefordshire 

By day I am Head of Marketing and Sales in a vibrant Arts Centre in Herefordshire, and then by night and weekends I am a keen male amateur sewer!

I have been drafting and creating with fabric since I was a little boy of 5, often hiding in my bedroom with needle and thread, as it was not the done thing to do for a young boy in the 90s.

I have made a variety of things over the years including, cushions, bags, curtains, costumes for an amateur theatre company, shirts, jackets and other clothing for myself, alterations for my friends, and much more!

I started blogging a couple of years ago when friends of mine commented on how neat my bunting was, which got encourage me to try and encourage them to ‘give it a go’ it’s not as hard as it looks!

One of my current passions (in the light of the BBC’s Great British Sewing Bee) is to try and spread the word that male sewers are just as good as the girls!

I am really looking forward to creating some projects for White Tree Fabrics and blogging all about it!

My twitter: www.twitter.com/ppatchwork

My blog: www.pudlestonpatchwork.wordpress.com

Here are some of the projects already completed by Curtis - you can view more over a his blog. We're really looking forward to seeing what Curtis comes up with for his first WhiteTree project!

Curtis projects