The popular BBC2 show has revived an age old tradition....

The hit BBC TV show 'The Great British Sewing Bee', has created a surge of interest in creating and crafting at home.

Making your own clothes and household items was once commonplace in Britain, back in the day. The cost of purchasing clothes and household textiles is steadily increasing and this fact, coupled with this high profile BBC TV programme has encouraged people to attempt making things themselves again.

People with no experience in crafting or sewing are taking that plunge and beginning to create their own pieces. All you need is a decent idea, a little guidance, the right tools and a good dose of enthusiam!

Here at WhiteTree fabrics, we can help you with this, whether you are a beginner just starting out, or a skilled crafter and/or seamstress. If you're new to this, it may seem a little daunting but the trick is to keep it simple.

You can always make a start with one of our Very Easy Vogue sewing patterns - for example, Vogue pattern V8950 which is a simple tunic, and available in store for £8.61.
Very Easy Vogue tunic 

Next you will need some fabric and we can definitely help there! With over 350 designs, colours and styles to choose from, you'll find something that will work perfectly for your project. Try our great quality jersey fabric, product code: 3519, available in store at £7.90 per metre. This amazingly versatile fabric offers a great drape, creating the perfect silhouette and flattering the form.

Jersey ITY fabric 

You'll need some essential tools before you get started, such as scissors, needles, threads, pins etc. Head over to our haberdashery store to find these supplies plus lots more -such as a great storage basket to keep all your things in.

Sewing Tools 

Now you're well and truly on the way. You'll need a large, flat space to lay out your fabric and pattern so you can begin cutting.  Make sure you have some good, sturdy fabric scissors so that you get a clean, precise cut. We suggest our professional Prym tailors shears, available in store for £18.00. Once your fabric is cut, always allow some time for it to relax and breath before sewing your garment. The rest is up to you! Once you have the essentials and a good stock of threads, fabrics and items such as buttons, you can create anything from a blouse to an evening dress, all for a fraction of the price you might be expected to pay on the high street.  

Good luck and happy crafting!