Inspired by a Vintage Sewing Pattern, Jo of Three Stories High combined our black tassled guipure lace with a gorgeous midnight blue coloured lining and the results is a stunning evening top. Read on......

White Tree Black Lace

This project started with some inspiration from a vintage pattern find; I needed guipure lace... what on earth is that? I thought... I visited White tree fabrics for some ideas.

Guipure evening top

I was sent this beautiful guipure lace . It has a cotton/crochet feel about it but in all honesty, I had no idea how to actually work with it. I sort of ran shy from the original vintage pattern. I started to think the less raw edges and cuts I made, the less amount of things could go wrong. So I fell back on a modern vintage pattern and went for another portrait blouse fromGerties Book for Better Sewing. She had made a lace version that I thought would fit the bill. 

Guipure evening top

The lining acted as a kind of muslin. I made it slightly bigger in the waist and hips to eliminate the need for a side zip. I was still going with the less is more theme. Inserting a zip in this lace? Absolutely no idea! The colour inspiration for the lining comes from my personal pledge to myself to only make things that go with other things that I already have.

Guipure top

In the end I lost some of the body shaping which I knew would happen with the tweeks I made but it is the most comfortable top ever. The vintage element eventually turned out to be a bit 1920's flapper girl don't you think?

guipure top

I read a few tutorials on this lace and they all said to use bias binding (which is what had been done on the original pattern I looked at) to finish the edges which was the perfect.

Guipure lace top

I am feeling pretty on trend with lace - it is everywhere in the shops and it is not that scary to sew with. I would like to thank White Tree Fabrics for letting me try out their fabric. 

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