Liberty Wildflowers is our best-selling Liberty fabric. Our blogger Amanda simply couldn't resist buying some for herself and she has been kind enough to let us share her blog post with you all.


The Liberty Alan

It was my Dad’s birthday on Saturday and so the treat is always morning coffee in our nearest Bettys. If you follow my blog you will know how often I visit! It is a quintessential English tea rooms. He is called Alan, hence ‘The Liberty Alan’ and he collects old cameras. Here he is, showing off the birthday gift. 


I know I keep making Lottie blouses, but my excuse is…they really are lovely to wear, I feel smart even when casual and they really show off the fabric.  After sewing my other blouses – The Lawn Lottie and The Feathers- (remember I cut out three waiting to take the Blog Manager to the bus to Rome!!?!) and loving them so much, I decided I was an expert and could certainly make a space in my wardrobe for a Liberty classic.


It was a gorgeous Spring day walking to Bettys and so could not resist the daffodil cluster for a few Liberty Wildflower themed shots! 

I bought the Wild Flower Liberty fabric from White Tree fabrics. I just bought one metre and you may have noticed (those eagle eyed followers!) that the bow is slightly shorter on this Lottie.



Despite only buying a metre, I still had enough to make my own bias binding- I know May Martin would be so proud!! So I decided again to let it show on the edge of my sleeves. What is this called??!? I did it on The Feathers too and liked how the fabric is in a different direction, just an added extra! 


I really loved sewing this fabric, it is like the Rolls Royce of fabric. I keep looking at the other choices on the website and eyeing them up as possible Lotties!! 

HELP ME!! I think I have a Lottie problem! Be warned it is contagious! Hila has now decided she needs one in her wardrobe- will she stop at one tho!?! 

Pattern: Simple Sew Lottie Blouse

Fabric : 1m of Liberty Wildflower from White Tree Fabrics. 

Wonky Factor: 8/10 I’m wondering if I hemmed it slightly shorter than the others… midriff is not the type for showing off!! 

You will be please to know I have ordered some more fabric from White Tree Fabrics…….wasn’t this designed  to be made into a Ruby!?!