What better way to launch our beautiful new Flower Guipure fabric than with the help of Amanda of Sew Deputy? You may recognise Amanda from Series 3 of The Great British Sewing Bee - she made it through to episode 4 of 6. Here, she shows us what you can create when there are no deadlines or pressures involved!

We were in the 90% view of the eclipse here in the North East of England, so it seemed appropriate to name my new guipure lace dress after a viewing!  

I got the lace from White Tree Fabrics to recreate the Lace Coat dress, however, when it arrived it was so beautiful I couldn’t cut into it without perfect pattern pieces…..just in case it went horribly wrong! 

Bet you can’t guess the pattern I reached for???


Yes, the Simple Sew Skater dress . I didn’t have enough fabric for the circle skirt and so went for a gathered skirt attached to the bodice. I was worried it was too ‘sticky out’ on my waist, but a new black patent belt seems to do the trick. I also made the back higher and used a side zip. I didn’t make the slip as I have a few from BHS (British Home Stores- a UK STORE) and as they are only £8 it seems silly to make them! 



My blog photographer felt with such a posh, lace dress we needed a contrast background…….the back alley of our Victorian terrace seemed perfect!






My shoes are just beautiful…they are black velvet with butterflies embroidered on them…tricky for cobbles though! 

Pattern: Simple Sew Skater Dress #006

Fabric: 2m of black guipure lace from White Tree Fabrics. I have a 20% off code for you to use at WT Fabrics: Enter SEWDEPUTY at the checkout.

Notions: 9inch zip in the side seam

Wonky Factor : I did think 7/10 because of the gathered waist, but am tempted to up it to a 9/10 now I have seen the photos! The lace is just beautiful! The better the fabric the better my sewing! 


Ps. I also spotted Kate Garraway wearing a very similar dress! 

Pps . Shoe  inspection photo by request!