This dress could have been the sewing that got me back on track!! I saw a dress in Coast that I really wanted for our staff Christmas party night:

Isn’t it beautiful? And so was the £170 price tag! 


I found the gold fabric in the indoor market and some beautiful Ponte Roma from White Tree Fabrics. I knew mixing the fabrics could cause a headache so I knew I needed good quality fabric.

In the photos I had just draped the fabric and then cut it out. 

I used the Skater dress pattern from Love Sewing as it is the pattern that most matched the dress wanted. 

I decided to used a side zip and was just hoping for the best really! The top is stretchy and the bottom isn’t! 

Here is the pattern from when I made The York.


I was really happy with how it turned out !  


I obviously had to practise twirling before I went out! 



And of course here is The Bannatyne, in Bannatynes! 


Pattern: The Skater dress Simple Sew

Fabric: 1.5m of gold fabric from Sew Fabrics and 1m of black ponte Roma  from White Tree Fabrics

Wonky Factor: 10/10 I totally love it, although  maybe 9.5 as it was quite hot when dancing!!