We are so delighted to welcome Barbara to out blogging team. Barbara brings over 50 years of skill and expertise to the team, and we hope that you'll join us in welcoming her to our on-line family! Here's Barbara, in her own words....

I love using textiles to create fashion, art, quilts, bags, and crafts. With over 50 years of experience in sewing, I  would say that my skills are advanced, but there is always something new to learn and do using fabric as my medium.

I love sewing, and blogging about sewing. In fact, since retiring from teaching, I’ve started a small business out of my home offering custom sewing, alterations, sewing lessons.


I enjoy posting on my sewing blog at http://Zibergirl.com and have over 500 followers. You can learn all about me there and see some of my latest makes. I belong to several sewing groups, including:

RTW Fasters http://goodbyevalentino.com/introducing-the-2015-rtw-fasters/

and The Monthly Stitch http://themonthlystitch.wordpress.com

I also post to Tumbler, Kollabora, and Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/zibergirl/

as well as several Facebook sewing groups, including my own at Zibergirl Sews https://www.facebook.com/zibergirlsews?ref=profile

I definitely am a “sewing" fashion fan. I subscribe to Burda, Threads, and Seamwork magazines, plus I follow many great sewing blogs. I enjoy sewing up designs from indie pattern companies, as well as the Big Four.


Sewing for me is how I creatively express myself. I’ve perfected my skills over the years, but still enjoy the challenge and the process of making something for the first time.