WhiteTree fabrics are delighted to welcome Amy Thomas to the WhiteTree Blogging Team


Amy hails from Leeds and is about to turn 30 (although we don't think she looks a day over 21)!

In addition to being passionate about dressmaking, she also loves gin cocktails, fluffy cats and James Bond. Amy bought her first sewing machine back in 2010 - she didn't think sh'e be any good at sewing, but discovered that it was amazing fun and has enjoyed sewing with a variety of fabrics. She now owns a handmade, bespoke wardrobe that is full of colour and print, all created by her own two hands. Amy blogs about her sewing adventures over at Almondrock.co.uk. She also tweets and shares images on instagram under the name @almondrock_sews, so feel free to get in touch as Amy loves to hear thoughts on her makes and get feedback, as well as chatting about all things crafty.

Check back soon for Amy's first project with WhiteTree fabrics.....we know what's she's working on and are so excited to see it.  Stay tuned!

Amy Thomas 3

 Almond rock