WhiteTree fabrics are delighted to welcome The Sew it Yourself challengers to the WhiteTree Blogging Team!

sew it yourself challengers

The Sew it Yourself team is a group of 4 friends who decided to make their own clothes for a year and not buy anything at all (other than the essentials!). Meet the first team to join the White Tree Blog Team!



Bridie is 27 and recently became a mum for the first time to a beautiful little boy. Bridie set the challenge for herself originally because after being pregnant, her body shape changed. She needed a whole new wardrobe which would cost a fortune! Bridie was also getting fed up with buying clothes and not having them fit properly or lasting and seeing other people in identical outfits. So she thought "I've got all this fabric" ( she's a bit of a fabric horder ) "and the skills why don't I make more clothes?" So she set this challenge and asked her best friends if they wanted to joined in and they loved the idea. Which has made it so much more fun already ! 



Laura is 25 and  recently got married to a wonderful husband who she met through work at the local pub/restaurant. Since graduating university 4 years ago feeling like it was unlikely that she could get a job in the industry, she left the fashion world behind and carried on working in the pub industry. For Laura, this challenge is a way to get back into making clothes again but for herself this time. She's itching to get started, having forgotten how much she loves designing and making clothes.



Lu has a serious shopping addiction and loves all things outrageous and tacky. When Bridie asked her to join her on this mission Lu was both excited and terrified. She's looking forward to getting back into pattern making.
Lu's background has been eclectic to say the least. She's more in touch with designing & making menswear than women's. When she left University, she worked as an intern for a couture house which was definitely an experience she will never forget! Then Lu's big break happened and she went to live in Guangzhou as a designer for a menswear company for 7 months until she was made redundant.  So currently working her way up the ladder again but on the way she's going to make some fabulous garments!  So here goes nothing and everything! Challenge accepted girls!



After 3 years of fashion, 6 months of International fashion business at Nottingham Trent to get a PG Cert, Jo completely changed her career path to become a nurse. With one year of nursing training to go, working as a health care assistant in hospitals and being constantly broke, this challenge has come at the right time to re-use, recycle and remember her sewing skills. Lets see if she still has her creative side!

We are so thrilled to welcome the girls onboard and we look forward to seeing what they come up with for their project with us.

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