WhiteTree fabrics are delighted to welcome Louise Bibbings to the WhiteTree Blogging Team.



A soon to be 40 something, Louise started sewing as a child and was taught by her mum and then her grandma. Until she left work to look after her children, she hadn't sewn much other than to make the odd special occasion dress or some curtains. But now Louise is sewing for the whole family - herself, her husband (he's yet to let Louise make him clothes!!) and her 2 girls (age 8 and 4).

Louise can turn her hand to pretty much anything be it blinds, curtains, bag, dresses, trousers or running gear! For Louise, sewing is about creating the everyday - be it building her own wardrobe, making things that her girls need for everyday and school or often birthday presents for their friends. Louise started blogging last year to try to write about her journey and what she loves doing. She'd like to be able to build on her skills and show people how sewing your own clothes can be really quite simple and if you choose wisely, even cheaper than buying from the high street.

In what little time that remains each day, Louise runs and is about to start training for Birmingham Half Marathon in October. We wish Louise lots of luck with than and in the meantime....we can't wait to see what she creates with White Tree's fabrics.

You can follow her sewing journey over at her blog.

There she sews