WhiteTree fabrics are delighted to welcome Manju Nittala to the WhiteTree Blogging Team.



Manju lives in Carlisle and is married to Philip and has a daughter, Kezia. Philip and Kezia occasionally make appearances on her blog (when she isn’t selfish sewing!)

Manju has a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences, and worked in drug research and development and then drug registration before deciding to have a career break in 2012. She is currently a stay at home mum, who doesn’t regret her decision to support her family because it gives her lots of sewing time! However, she is contemplating going back to part time work soon.

Manju believes that being a stay at home mum doesn’t mean you should lose your sense of style. She likes to sew fun, fashionable garments that are easy to look after and fit in with her lifestyle and also likes to challenge and broaden her sewing skills, sewing a variety of different fabrics. Her favourite garment to sew is a dress.

You can follow Manju's sewing adventures over at her blog.

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