WhiteTree fabrics are delighted to welcome Emily Macintosh to the WhiteTree blogging team!

Emily Macintosh

Emily's sewing journey began when she was a Journalism student back in her native Scotland around 2007. She'd always loved clothes but felt uncomfortable about spending money on 'fast fashion'; as a result the notion set in that she should learn how to make her own.

She saved up her pennies and bought herself a sewing machine from a wee shop in Glasgow and enrolled in a pattern cutting night class. She trundled on for a few years, making things with varying degrees of success and using some questionable finishing techniques. It was discovering the online sewing community around 2012 that helped her to really learn how to sew, and, in turn she started her own blog last year to join in the fun.

Aside from the pleasure of making orginal clothes and reducing unneccessary consumption, she sews because it helps her to be patient, creative, and meditative.

Aside from spending large chunks of her time locked in her bedroom sewing away, she also likes to cycle, read, run, see friends, drink tea, write, attempt to learn languages and understand economics, play the flute, listen to music, and explore new parts of Brussels, her adopted home city.

But, most of the time you'll find her not to far from her sewing machine!

You can follow her sewing adventures on her blog: belgianseams.blogspot.be

Belgian Seams