WhiteTree fabrics are delighted to welcome Louise to the WhiteTree blogging team!


Louise is originally from the North of England but has lived in London, Brighton, San Francisco and now Liverpool. She works full time and has two children so sewing is squeezed in around the edges!

Louise learned to sew with her mum who used to make a lot of clothes for Louise and her brother and later, Louise took needlework at school - she has a grade C 'O' level!

When Louise was a student, she used to make a lot of her own clothes but after she started work, she had more money to buy clothes and gradually stopped sewing.

Many years later she came across the world of sewing blogs when Karen of Didyoumakethat was writing for the Guardian. Louise bought a second hand sewing machine, a pattern for a skirt and some fabric and got started. She's learned a lot over the last year and is aiming to make a wardrobe of handmade clothes that she loves!

Louise says; "When I started a year ago I didnt imagine anyone would  actually read my blog so I am really excited to be joining the White Tree blog team!"

You can follow Louise's sewing adventures over at her blog.

Not so Simple