White Tree fabrics are delighted to welcome Charlie to the WhiteTree blogging team.

This blog is not for you

Charlie is a twenty-something, currently living in London. She's originally from Germany and moved to London two years ago. Charlie is a psychologist by trade and works in a big psychiatric hospital. Sewing really helps her to get rid of all the stresses from the day.

Charlie's true sewing passion started when she befriended a girl in her first flat share who owned a vintage sewing machine given to her by her grandmother. Charlie started off making bags, wallets and accessories. She's always loved refashioning her clothes and having a sewing machine opened up a new world to her. As soon as she moved out, Charlie bought herself a cheapo-sewing machine that she's used ever since.

In 2011,  Charlie began teaching herself to make handmade clothes. She became more and more ambitious and eager to learn about technique, pattern drafting and fitting. She hasn’t looked back!

Charlie has been blogging about her handmade makes and progress in sewing her own wardrobe on her blog www.thisblogisnotforyou.com since 2012 – the year she moved to London. The amazing sewing community here really fuelled her ambition: In 2014, she started making and selling her own sewing patterns.

Besides sewing, Charlie is a big fan of painting, drawing, reading and watching old Hollywood movies. She loves coffee and everything that’s creative and is very eager to try new hobbies – although she has way too many already!

You can find Charlie on Instagram: http://instagram.com/thisblogisnotforyou and twitter (@tbinfy).

We can't wait to see her first creation in collaboration with WhiteTree fabrics!

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