WhiteTree fabrics are delighted to welcome Geo to the WhiteTree family!


Geo remembers being almost 14 and still hand sewing dresses for her Cindy doll (a cheaper Barbie) and dreaming about being a fashion designer. She's not sure what happened in the short in between year, but at 15 when she went to high school, Geo completely ditched this dream and started learning programming.

In December 2008 she bought a sewing machine and started reading sewing blogs – almost everything Geo knows about sewing she learned online and by using Burda Style magazine. Geo very rarely buys clothes for herself now, mainly lingerie and jeans (but she plans on making these herself too!). She love colors and polka dots and likes to use natural fabrics for everyday wear.

Geo has a 3 year old who’s keeping her from sewing/knitting/running as much as she wants! 

We can't wait to see Geo's first make for WhiteTree fabrics.....in the meantime, you can follow her sewing adventures by clicking below.

Living room