WhiteTree fabrics are delighted to welcome Simona to the WhiteTree blogging team.


Simona hails from Bolton and is in her early 30s – and she loves sewing!

As a child she loved drawing clothing and still has a few drawings from then (the 90's). Simona just loved clothes and dreamed of one day knowing how to make them. She even made a few clothes for her dolls as child.

When she came to UK some time ago, she was gifted a sewing machine. Ever since her first stitch, she just loved sewing. Simona says; "Making your own clothes often comes from the desire to have unique garments that you didn’t pay an arm and a leg for and the need to learn new things and keep yourself entertained. You also feel great when a project comes together."

Simona started her blog,   Sewing Adventures in the Attick as an outlet for her to keep track of self-made projects, to improve her English and to share her passion for  sewing with others.  She also loves the support and lovely comments her readers leave for her.

Simona loves fabrics and patterns. Every time she ends up in a fabric shop (there is one close to her house),  she cannot help touching the fabrics and grabbing a few to add to her stash. Simona’s mum even told her that at this rate she will end up opening her own fabric shop!  No chance for that, because she cannot let the fabric go that easily. It will all become something she made.....one day!

You can stay up to date with Simona's sewing adventures over at her blog.

Sewing Adventures in the Attick