Every sewer knows that a good quality cotton fabric helps to make your project an easy sewing experience. Sewers who are familiar with these fabrics might be loathe to take on something as fiddly as lace, especially when it might mean extra sewing hours, tons of unpicking, trying to master special seams and trying to figure out how to sew with a fabic they're just not comfortable with. However, WhiteTree fabrics make it easy for any sewer at any experience level to sew with lace and achieve amazing results. We have 2 Bonded laces in our range, available in fantastic Autumn/Winter colours.

Bonded laces

What is bonded lace?
Bonded lace features a pretty lace design fixed (bonded) to a complimentary coloured matt satin background. This has many benefits, not least of which is the fact that you won't need a separate lining so you won't have to cut twice! The backing fabric gives the lace stability which means it's easier to cut, and also a dream to sew with! This lace offers you the means to achieve that on trend lace look, but with all the ease that sewing with a cotton fabric gives you. These laces have been tried and tested by some of our bloggers. Here's what they had to say:

"Isn’t the fabric fabulous? It is a white bonded lace, courtesy of White Tree Fabrics. Basically it is a lace that is already bonded onto a satin back. So instead of you layering two fabrics together as I did for my wedding handbag it is done for you. This makes the fabric incredibly stable. As easy as sewing cotton." 
- Lucie of Love, Lucie.

"I used the black satin bonded lace that WhiteTree have on offer. Have you seen Lucie’s Honeymoon bag for which she used the white version of this fabric? Exquisite! That’s what I say! Sewing with this fabric is a dream."
- Simona of Sewing Adventures in the Attick. 

Here's the bag that Lucie made using product code 1329-03:

bonded lace bag

Bonded laces are the perfect 2-in-1 product, saving you both time and money. While product 1329 is available in lighter colours and is perfect for accessories and everyday casualwear, our other bonded lace 9729 offers a darker colour palette and is just the thing for evening wear, party fashion and Christmas dresses.

Bonded lace fabric

WhiteTree fabrics understand that our customers like to try before they buy so that they can get a feel for the fabric, perhaps match it against other fabrics they're using in a project....that's why we offer a sample service. Did you know that we will send you up to 10 samples at no charge - you'll only pay for P+P? See here for more information. So don't be afraid to give sewing with lace a try - this fabric will help you build your confidence so that you can move on to something more adventurous. Lace is set to be huge in the coming months, so why not give it a go and request your sample today?