Bride and bridesmaids

With Spring in full swing and Summer just around the corner, it's safe to say that Wedding Season is well on the way. With the average cost of a wedding dress being approx £2000, brides-to-be everywhere are searching for a more affordable alternative and increasingly, they're all arriving at the same conclusion - make their own, or employ a seamstress. What better way to create a one off dress that nobody else out there has an exact copy of? You get to choose the design, the fabrics, the colour and it will be a truly unique dress.

So how can WhiteTree fabrics help with this and save you money?

Let's start with the dress pattern. We have many gorgeous Vogue designs to choose from, from £15.30 each (that's including VAT). We've held our pre- April 2014 prices so there's a saving straight away! We've chosen pattern V2842 as an example:

wedding dress

The dress above has been made using lace with a floral design and scalloped edges, and the main plain material can either be taffeta or duchess satin.  The dress is also fully lined. We suggest the following fabrics from our collection:

Plain Lightweight Satin (lining), product code: 0578-01 : £3.00 per metre

Lining satin bridal

Premium Duchess Satin (main body of the dress), product code: 4238-35 : £8.75 per metre

duchess satin bridal

For the lace, we suggest our 6719-02 : £7.90 per metre. It has a lovely Chantilly look, scallops on both edges and a beautiful floral design. With this lace having scallops, you won't need a separate trim as you can create the neckline and sleeves from the pretty scalloped edge:

chantilly lace bridal

Now let's work on the assumption that you need 6 metres of everything, just to be sure you have enough fabric! That's only £117.90 on fabric.  We also supply bridal pins, buttons, threads etc.....if you set your budget at £200, you will have enough for the fabrics, haberdashery supplies and then money left over for other things! Doesn't £200 sound more appealing that £2000? All you need is a good sewing machine, some skill at dressmaking and lots of enthusiasm.

Take a look at our inspirational bridal collection today. If you're making your own wedding dress, WhiteTree fabrics are your ideal partner!