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Barbara's Spring/Summer Floral Dress

Wednesday, 25 May 2016 09:54:32 Europe/London

What could be prettier than gorgeous Spring flowers and a lovely Summer dress? Take a look at the bright, fresh look Barbara created by clicking on Read more below.


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Charlie's Teal Knit Dress

Monday, 30 November 2015 12:09:58 Europe/London

Hot on the heels of Neela's warm jersey knit Donna Karan dress, we brng your Charlie's take on the same Vogue Designer pattern! Take a look to see how this dress came out when she used our Teal Ponti Roma.

Donna Karan dress by

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Maria's Green & Black Evening Dress

Monday, 30 November 2015 11:28:10 Europe/London

We're so pleased to bring you think wonderful blog post from Maria. Using one of our geometric black laces and a beautiful Christmassey coloured satin, she's created the most eye catching evening dress! Take a look below....

Maria 1

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Neela's Warm Jersey DKNY Dress

Tuesday, 17 November 2015 09:23:21 Europe/London

We're in love with this warm jersey DKNY creation from Neela. Comfort, warmth, and style, proving you can wear a dress in Autumn and Winter!


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Gabby's Vintage Shirt Dress

Tuesday, 10 November 2015 10:48:45 Europe/London

We're really pleased to bring you Gabby's first ever WhiteTree make. This gorgeous Vintage Shirt Dress is perfect for the colder weather and looks great with tights, great for keeping out the chill. Brrr! Click Read More to see the make in full...


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Skye's Wedding Dress

Monday, 2 November 2015 17:00:25 Europe/London

Sometime last year, one of our bloggers approached us about making her own wedding dress and incorporating it into a blog post. Skye has been with us since the very beginning (she was one of the very first bloggers to contact us!), so we jumped at the chance to help her out on one of the biggest days of her life. It's safe to say it was a bit of a hard slog, but here's the blog post, in whch Skye has been open and honest about the whole creative process. We just want to say - Skye, you looked absolutely beautiful & congratulations!


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Neela's £30 Christmas Party Dress Bundle make

Tuesday, 20 October 2015 10:33:33 Europe/London

If you've bought one of our Christmas Party Dress bundle kits (or you're thinking about purchasing), why not take a look at how our blogger Neela got on with her kit? Click read more to view her detailed, informative, helpful, step by step tutorial!

Neela Christmas Dress 11

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Samantha's Monochrome Marthe

Wednesday, 2 September 2015 08:50:36 Europe/London

When Sam sent us a photo of a top she wanted to make, we were instantly backing the idea because the top was so unusual but gorgeous and stylish. We set about deciding which fabrics would be best and Sam chose from the swatches we sent. Read on to see how her make turned out.

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The Perfect Fit Bra

Thursday, 9 April 2015 15:30:30 Europe/London

According to research statistics, 80-85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. It's not exactly an appealing idea to trot off to Marks & Spencers to get measured on a busy, sweaty Saturday afternoon or pay some of the high prices out there just for one piece of underwear. So what can you do to save money and ensure the perfect fit? Make your own of course.

Our affordable bra kit gives you enough supplies to make 2 bras with. That's just £15 for the most comfortable bra you will ever wear. Maria from How good is that? has road tested the bra for us, with fantastic results. She also collaborated with us on the idea of the kit, bringing to our attention the fact that there is a real need out there for an all in one bra kit. Take a look below.

Bra Kit Test

Here's a sweet convertible bra using powermesh, lace and bra notions from White Tree Fabrics UK. This is an idea Lisa was happy for me to work on and I've used Kwik Sew 3300 as my bra template. I say template because the pattern doesn't provide the cross back feature. This bra style is something I developed following a 'ready to wear' bra that I own.

Custom made Bra

The power mesh is soft and stretchy so I've used two layers of powermesh on the bra band. This gives the bra band more stability and I've cut one layer on grain and one layer cut off grain.

Custom made Bra

Now the flesh colour tricot fabric and underwire piping was from my stash. The bra hooks provided by White Tree Fabrics give you the convertible version (slider, o-ring and garter hook).

Custom made Bra

What I found is the best result for bras is to have the notions either the same width or wider than the bra strap.

Custom made Bra

I used the lace across the top of the bra cup only and I tried to balance the bows in the lace.

Custom made Bra

Here's where I was deciding on how long the underwire piping should be. I ended up lining the whole cup with underwire piping even though this hemline underwire is a half wire shape.

I wore this bra on a humid Summer's day and it was very comfortable and supportive.

Custom made Bra

The cups are lined and all the seams are enclosed so I think that helped me feel comfortable.  The bra you see has been wash a couple of times now so I know this bra is durable as well as lovely. Thanks White Tree Fabrics for letting me indulge in sewing a new bra using lovely lace for Summer.

Check yourself

Since we're talking about bras - what better time to encourage all of our lovely female readers out there to remember to regularly check their breasts? WhiteTree are proud to be working with Butterick Sewing Patterns, who in turn support the Eve Appeal, fighting against women's cancers.  You can read more about how buying a sewing pattern will benefit this worthwhile cause. Butterick are donating to the Eve Appeal for every Walk Away dress pattern sold. Now there's some lovely news!

Creating a Starter Sewing Kit

Tuesday, 10 March 2015 15:59:32 Europe/London

If you're new to the world of sewing but raring to get started, you'll first need to kit yourself out with some essential sewing supplies. You can begin with the bare essentials and then of course add to your tools as you go along. There's so much out there that you might wonder what counts as an essential starter item, and what can be added on later. Here's what we recommend to get you started.

Starter Sewing Kit

You'll need something to keep it all in unless you're very lucky and already have a sewing space kitted out with shelves and drawers, that is! Unsurprisingly, there are lots of options. Sewing stools, sewing boxes, traditional wooden storage, as well as moden print fabric storage. There's clear plastic boxes, craft bags, tin and box sets and probably more. The choice is yours - click here to take a look at our selection.

double sided sewing basket

Fabric Scissors
We suggest you invest in some high quality fabric scissors.  It's probably not a good idea to buy a cheap pair - you want strength, durability, good steel blades and our recommendation would be to look to recognised brands to ensure peace of mind. Fiaskars and Prym are both top quality brands and you can learn more about them here. There are fabric scissors available for right or left handed people, and these scissors are able to handle cottons, jersey, demin, embroidery and more. You might also want to invest in some thread snippers, which are easier to handle at the sewing machine than your larger fabric shears. 


Cutting Mat
This is definitely an essential if you want to avoid scratched, marked work surfaces.  Use your cutting mat with your rotary cutter, tracing wheel, scissors and more - and your tables and worktop will escape unscathed! Cutting mats are also a good, flat surface for laying your out fabric on. Choose from a selection of sizes here.

Cutting Mat

Fabric Markers
Marking up your fabric ready for cutting is an important part of the process and multiple options are available. From slabs of tailor's chalk to chalk pencils, from water erasable markers to tracing wheels - we have got a great selection and once again, the choice is yours. Some of the markers we have available are clever, award winning innovations but if you want to keep it simple (and cost effective), opt for a slab of chalk in a holder, just £3.00 to get you started. Refills £2.10. Click here to browse all available products.

Tailors chalk

Tape Measure
You'll need to invest in a flexible style because you'll be measuring more than just fabric. All of our tape measures fit the bill - it's just a case of choosing imperial or metric, and deciding if you want a retractable measure or regular. Basic tape measures start from just £3.12 each, and retractable tape measures start from £3.54. Don't opt for a cheap 99p one from eBay - you will use this particlar tool so much, and you need good, long lasting quality. Take a look at our affordable but durable tape measures here.

Tape measure

Pins & Holder
You can pick up a pack of basic pins cheaply pretty much anywhere. However, pinning your pattern to your fabric is another part of dressmaking that must be done just right. It's better to make things easy on yourself by using pins that will hold your fabric securely, are easily visible and have coloured glass or plastic heads so they are easy to grab, handle, insert and remove. These pins will be used again and again so represent good value for money. Our glass head pins start at just £2.64 a pack. Take a look at what we have on offer here. On this page you will also find pin cushions, wrist pinny's and magnetic dishes - all for holding your pins so they are easy to locate.

Seam Ripper
Once you've laid out your fabric, pinned your pattern and done your cutting you will move on to sewing your garment. Realised you've sewn something the wrong way? Or inside out? The seam ripper easily and efficiently unpicks your stitches so you can make the necessary alterations. These are such popular and indespensible items that sewers often own more than one!  You'll find a choice of seam rippers here, starting at just £2.16. As you can see, they're such necessary items that they are often included as an extra with sets of sewing threads.

Whether you're hand sewing, or using a sewing machine, needles are one of the most important items you will use. To start out with, you might be better getting an assorted pack of general all rounders. You can add to your collection as you go along (i.e. using special needles for denim, for stretch fabrics, etc). We have a good selection here, from just £1.38 per pack. To make your sewing an easier experience, we would once again advise buying good quality needles. They aren't expensive as a rule generally, but don't think you have a bargain if you get some 99p needles - you might find yourself fighting with fabric as these cheap needles struggle to cope.

Pressing your garment is the final, most important step. This is when you should press your seams to lay flat, and establish the shape you want your garment to take. Plus, you want your make to look neat and perfectly finished! Take a look here, as we have the perfect mini iron that won't take up too much room in your sewing space. Plus, this iron will be your dedicated dressmaking iron and you won't be tempted to use it for the weekly laundry!

This handy kit contains 3 of your essential items along with a bonus product to store your needles. The kit comprises: stitch ripper, tracing wheel, chalk wheel and the needle twister. This is a great way to get your sewing kit started. 

Of course, you are going to need other supplies for your project. Assuming you have a lovely new sewing machine and once you have your kit together, you then have to choose your sewing pattern, fabric, thread, zipper, buttons.....simply look at the menu to navigate and you will find all of these items and much more in our online store.

If you want to take the guess work out of putting your kit together, we've actually done the hard work for you with our complete Starter kit. For just £114, you will receive: 

1 x Pattern Master
1 x Pattern Notcher
1 x 26cm Tailor/fabric shears
1 x Quick stitch unpick/snips
1 x cms/inches tape measure
1 x Bobbins & bobbin case
1 x 250g tub of quality dressmaking pins
1 x Ergonomic Awl
1 x Ergonomic Tracing Wheel
1 x Ergonomic stitch ripper
1 x Ergonomic chalk wheel/stick
1 x Pair small general use scissors
1 x 100m white thread
1 x 100m Black thread

We'll also discount the 2 tier plastic storage container for you! This kit contains lots of Prym branded tools, so you can expect top quality supplies at discounted prices.

Whenever you're ready to begin your journey, take a look at out blog. You will find hundreds of inspirational projects and makes that can help you decide what to sew and what fabric to use.

Happy Sewing!

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