We're so pleased to bring you the first blog team make from Curtis, who is a brand new addition to the WhiteTree team, and also our only male blogger. Curtis has only been with us a short while and has already completed a fantastic project! Take a look at his wonderful creation below...

Luxury Liberty Pyjamas

Curtis Liberty PJs

This is my first blogging project for White Tree Fabrics, and I have enjoyed the challenge. I picked pyjamas after seeing this as a challenge on the Great British Sewing Bee last year (season two). I have been itching to give it a go and make my own cosy nightwear.

In total this took me about five hours to complete. It took over an hour to hem and tidy the seams inside.

I used the following for the challenge:

The Fabric
I picked Lodden C Tana Lawn Liberty Fabric, with quite a defined William Morris style pattern. The detail on the fabric is very ornate with lots of detail; the feel is quite silky cotton.

The Pattern
I picked a Vogue V8964, and decided to make the long sleeve and long legged version of the pattern.

Handy hint before I start: I would just say how important it is to press the paper pattern pieces before you lay them on the fabric, and if you do it as you pin it to the fabric there is some static that helps set the pieces in place.

Curtis Liberty PJs

Curtis Liberty PJs

My first challenge would be to pattern match as I cut out the paper pattern. This is the first time I have ever pattern matched, and it was less stressful than I thought. The main things to pattern match are down the front, and also making sure the pattern is centred on the back.

The other main challenge for this pattern was inserting piping. For this I used binding. The first thing to bind was the front pocket on the top, which also had to be pattern matched on the top bar, which all had to be pattern matched to sit on the top front.

Curtis Liberty PJs

The construction of the top was simple, sew fronts to back and the sleeves flat , and then the shape comes from sewing the sleeve together and down the sides.

Curtis Liberty PJs

To create the piping effect on the front I sewed the binding to the fronts, and then attached the facing to this, to reveal the piping.

The bottoms: I found it a real struggle to try and follow the instructions for the fly but other than that they are very straight forward, once the fly and button are inserted, sew inner legs, outer legs and they are constructed! Held up by an elastic waistband.

Curtis Liberty PJs

I am already looking forward to my next project!

The good

  • The fabric was great to work with, easy to sew.
  • Using bias binding was a great quick way to do piping. Within the pattern there is a template to do your own piping.
  • I am pleased with the pattern matching; this fabric is a good one to use for a regular pattern match. Also really pleased with my pocket pattern matching.
  • I learned a lot of new skills doing this pattern, piping, inserting an elastic waistband, a buttoned fly and pattern matching.

The bad

  • The pattern is not that descriptive; you definitely have to have knowledge of doing things like facing, collars, etc.
  • As briefly mentioned the fly on the trousers was rather complicated. In the end I used May Martin’s Sewing Bible to help me through it. 
Curtis Liberty PJs