Our latest blogger creation comes from Jess Acton. Jess definitelty prefers vintage to high street and has a wonderful eclectic style all her own. We love her passion for crafts, DIY and fashion. We were intrigued to see what Jess would choose for her first project with us. It turns out that Jess has created the perfect summer dress.  Pretty, lightweight, airy, stylish and feminine, this dress is ideal for so many different occassions. 

Here's the make in full.

Jess dress 1

I recently joined the White Tree Fabrics blogging teamWhite Tree Fabrics sells fabrics, patterns and a whole load of haberdashery bits and bobs, and I’m so excited to be doing my first project with them! For this dress, I chose this Very Easy Vogue pattern, this lovely lawn fabric, and this pinky satin fabric for the lining. I also used a zip and some contrasting yellow thread to sew it all together! I picked the embroidered fabric first, and then I chose to sew it into this dress because I thought they would look lovely together. The dress is much more girly than what I would usually wear, but I thought it would be fun to try something outside of my comfort zone. I have to admit, the project wasn’t as “very easy” as I’d anticipated. I’ve never sewn with satin before. Although it is a really beautiful fabric, it slips and slides and stretches all over the place, and boy does it fray! I also managed to iron through it when trying to press a seam open, because I had the iron on a hot setting. Rookie error! I’m glad I persevered though, because I love the resulting product.

dress 2

dress 3

dress 4

The lawn fabric has this really pretty scalloped edge which I used for the hem of my dress and also the ends of my sleeves. It was nice to keep the edge detail, and that saved me from a sewing a hem! The embroidered fabric, in contrast with the satin, was a dream to sew despite the holes. I chose not to line the sleeves of the dress because I thought it was nice just having skin showing through the sleeves! I chose to use a bigger pattern size to fit my bottom half, but I took some of the width off the bodice pattern pieces, especially at the waist. One of my favourite things about sewing my own clothes is that I can make something that fits all of the parts of my body!

jess 1


My favourite detail of the dress is the slit down the front of the bodice. If you’re feeling really sassy, you can fold down the corners to get a plunging neckline. All in all, I’m really pleased with how this dress turned out. And my bunny rabbit Archie seems to like it too (although he doesn’t enjoy being picked up very much!) Thanks for sending me these gorgeous supplies White Tree!


Make this dress yourself!

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