Hello Comrades!

I’m Gabby from Gabberdashery.com (this time with white hair!) back with another favourite make courtesy of the lovely White Tree Fabrics… The Madeline Skirt from Victory Patterns.


I totally LOVE this skirt. I am actually obsessed with it!! To me, it is perfect and my most accomplished make to date!!

I spotted this great pattern a while ago and thought it would be good to try but wouldn’t be so me and then this popped up on my pinterest board…

And I had to have one so when I was looking through the White Tree patterns for sale and came across the Madeline again the lightbulb went off!

This is my amazing kit from White Tree...


→ MADELINE SKIRT -Victory Patterns

→ 3m of Dark Blue washed denim

→ 1m of PRINTED COTTON LAWN - TURQUOISE & PEACH-- for the  pocketlining

→ A pack of medium weight interfacing

→ Gutermann sew-all thread set - JEANS

It was a very happy post day!

I did something I have never done before with this pattern - I totally copied the Victory Patterns cover style!! I chose this gorgeous denim as the closest thing to the dark blue denim in the pictures and the Gutermann jeans set for the matching yellow thread. I’m a total copycat and I’m so pleased I am as I now have a skirt that goes with all my tops! I can’t believe it took me so long to realise it but denim really does go with everything! I can feel a denim obsession coming on…

The denim is amazing- it’s pretty heavyweight but still has a drape to it and perfect structure for this skirt. Thanks to amazing Pfaff Passport 2.0 it sewed up brilliantly and I am so so happy with how the topstitching turned out. Honestly this was all down to my machine, if I did it on my old one it would have been a very different story. All I can say is no one is allowed to look closely at my Ginger jeans that were painstakingly topstitched on my first machine- it was a nightmare and many rude words were uttered! Luckily my Pfaff loves denim and boy do I love my Pfaff!! :)


The whole kit was brilliant. I love Victory Patterns- I have been meaning to make up a few of their patterns but hadn’t until Madeline- now I definitely will wait till pay day and get more as their instructions are brilliant. I didn’t have a head scratching moment at all as the whole pattern just made sense and I really think this is down to Victory’s language and illustrations. Even the lapped zip which I have struggled with before came together simply!


I would say make sure you transfer the marking really well with a marker that won’t rub off or dissappear as they are really important to follow on this pattern- especially the top stitching on the pockets. I sewed this up in a few sessions over a few days and by the time I got to the buttonholes I had no markings to follow- they had been rubbed off after being handled throughout so I had to get the pattern pieces out again and work it all out! Again, my Pfaff breezed through the buttonholes and I even used it to sew on my bright yellow buttons too!   


So it was all great- I really enjoyed this make and as I keep saying, I LOVE this skirt! The cotton lawn for the pocket facing is so pretty, easy to sew and press and goes perfectly with the denim, the style really suits me and I can’t stop wearing it with all my stripey tops for a bit of nautical chic!


HUGE thank you to Lisa and White Tree for letting me make this beauty which I will be wearing a lot for a long time to come!

Happy sewing all,