Hello I'm Gabby - a 31 year old sewing addict from the fields of Wiltshire now living with my fiance and my dog, Hobbes, in our tiny jam packed garden flat in north London. I am a singer/songwriter and have been for over 10 years but recently discovered my love for making things too. Last October I did a ‘sew a dress in a day class’ and was immediately hooked on sewing. Everything changed for me after that day, as now, not only could I make my own clothes but I had another passion that I could make into a lifestyle – and that was very exciting for me. 


I have always been an entrepreneur and have set up various businesses including my own record label and a pop up/online shop called Gabberdashery where I sell brilliant British made crafts – from jewellery to clothes and art and we are now starting to sell vintage clothes through it too so I am firmly embedded in the crafts world but now I have joined the makers and started selling my own wares too. I have changed my blog from being a DIY interiors blog (about doing up my flat and garden on a very low budget) to a sewing blog which has become a lot more prolific as I am sewing a LOT and I Iove being part of the sewing community.


My blog is a big part of my life - I really enjoy writing about and photographing my makes in the hope it will inspire people to make handmade clothes or try something different and I love being part of the sewing world - everyone is so friendly and supportive (very unlike the music world!). I love doing tutorials and showing how easy it is to create pieces for your wardrobe and have learnt so much from other blogs that have really helped me grow as a sewist. Sewing has taken over my life and I couldn't be happier!


My blog is www.livingonashoestring.net