You may recall that back in July, Lucie created some wonderful, bespoke clutch bags for her upcoming wedding....and they turned out beautifully.

Wedding clutch bags

For her next project, Lucie turned her attention to her upcoming honeymoon and decided to create another bag, but this time, one that was a bit larger and would hold more than a lippy and some tissues! The result is a gorgeous, versatile, really pretty but practical shoulder bag fit for any honeymooner! Over to Lucie.

Honeymoon bag

Do you like my new bag? ‘It’s white!’ I hear you cry.

I would never buy a white bag but making one that I know I can wash is another matter. Anyway I needed a nice roomy packable bag to take me to lunch whilst on honeymoon. And if you can’t be flippant on honeymoon, when can you be?

Isn’t the fabric fabulous? It is a white bonded lace, courtesy of White Tree Fabrics. Basically it is a lace that is already bonded onto a satin back. So instead of you layering two fabrics together as I did for my wedding handbag it is done for you. This makes the fabric incredibly stable. As easy as sewing cotton. This fabric would make an incredibly cute 60’s shift dress. I might just have time to fit one in the 8 week count down to our trip. The pattern for the bag came from "Bags, the modern classics" by Sue Kim. Don’t be surprised if you see a few more makes from this book! I plan on making the front cover clutch bag next. This one was incredibly simple.

honeymoon bag 2

Details of above:

Simple pattern all laid out.
2 cut of the exterior fabric, 2 of the lining, 2 fusible medium weight interfacing, 2 heavy weight sewn in interfacing.
Magnetic clasp easily attached through a little square of medium weight interfacing.
A dear little pocket.
Honeymoon bag

We really love this bag! If you do too, here are the details of what Lucie used to make it.

White bonded 2-in-1 lace ► here.

Additional satin lining ► here.

Honeymoon bag