Making a padded fabric and ribbon pinboard

I'm very happy to be a part of the blog team at White Tree Fabrics, and for my latest project I decided to revamp an old cork notice board with some of their gorgeous fabric and ribbon.

Here's how I did it:

Fabric covered pinboard tutorial


A cork noticeboard
Fabric to cover - I used the gorgeous Tilda cotton print fabric in China Blue
Plain fabric for backing (optional)
Ribbon - I used matching Tilda ribbon in blue grey (total of three packs to give 9m)
Polyester wadding to cover (2oz)
Pins - I used pearl headed pins in silver
Staple gun

Materials and fabric for a pinboard


First iron the fabric, then cut fabric and wadding to size. Make sure that you cut your fabric correctly if it needs to be a certain way up like mine! You will need to leave a border of around 8cm to allow for the depth of the board and to have enough to turn over.

Lay the wadding and patterned fabric over the front of the corkboard and turn the board over. Secure both to the frame on one side of the corkboard using a staple gun, then pull tightly and secure to the frame on the opposite side. Repeat for the other two sides. Depending on the style of your noticeboard you may need to remove the fixings first and replace them once the fabric is in position.

Stapling wadding and fabric to board

Finish with the corners and make them as neat as possible with plenty of staples to keep it all tightly together.

Stapling fabric around edges

Then it's time to do the ribbon. It's important to work out how much you'll need beforehand, as this project uses more than you might think! It might be a good idea to plan your work out first and make some markings where you want the ribbon to go.

Adding ribbon to pinboard

Starting with the longest diagonal pieces, secure each end in turn with a staple into the back of the board. You might want to add a pin as well, to make sure that it's completely secure, and also for decorative purposes.

Stapling fabric into corners
Then finish stapling the other lengths of ribbon across the noticeboard, securing to the back frame with the staple gun as before.
Stapling ribbon around the edges

Complete the pin board by adding in the pins where the lengths of ribbon cross. As well as keeping the ribbon securely in place they also look really pretty. You could also use plain or decorative buttons or any other small embellishment.

Then it's up to you if you want to make the pinboard look a little neater with a fabric backing. I just cut a piece of old cotton fabric to size, allowing an amount for a hem which I folded over before stapling to the back of the frame.

Backing for fabric covered pinboard

Here's a close up before I'd finished adding all the pins, I love how well the fabric and the ribbon go together.

Fabric pinboard with wadding

And here's the complete before and after, what a difference, I'm so proud of it!

Fabric covered pinboard before and after