We absolutely adore the new Matchbox Kits from Sew Over It. These innovatie crafty kits include all the supplies you could need, even a sewing needle! Affordable, fun and available in 6 styles, these kits are just the thing if you want a quick project or fancy working on something with younger ones. We've opened up a kit to take a look inside so you know just what to expect! We selected the Chatting Birds Kit.

Here Sew Over It's imagery of the supplies all laid out:

So, we started with our lovely, compact matchbox. These are small but sure pack a punch! Here's the front and back view - you can see when looking at the back that everything really is included with this kit.

Chatting Birds - Front

Chatting Birds - Back

Next we had a peek inside! I have to say that the instructions booklet is very comprehensive and the quality of the notions is really good.

Chatting Birds - Notions: felt, filling, threads, beads, needle etc

Lovely Gold rope braid to hang your birds with

This kit would be absolutely perfect if you fancied a quick project that delivers great results. These Chatting Birds would make lovely decorations on your Christmas tree and you could sit on your sofa crafting happily away while the TV is on. Fast, quick and easy!

Clear, concise, detailled instructions

Chatting Birds Kit

So there you have it! This is what your complete Sew Over It Chatting Birds kit looks like. The finished items would make gorgeous gifts or look great in your own home. The kit itself is also an ideal gift.  A customer recently bought some of these kits so that she could sit and craft with her daughters to make Christmas presents for her daughters to give to their teachers. What a fabulous idea! What will you make?

Here are some images of other kits that are available now in our store.