We're so pleased to be working with and stocking this British Brand. We love their sewing patterns and the lovely vintage feel and look. We also love their kits and we think they're a fantastic idea. You can make a pencil skirt, dress, a tie and even your own undies! We thought we'd explore one of their kit boxes and show you exactly what's inside.

So, your kit arrives in a smart, sealed box with a lovely fabric feeler on the reverse, along with a list of the contents.

Once you open up your kit, you can see your sealed bundle of supplies. There's a very generous reel of thread (brand: Coats), elastic, jersey fabric for the gusset, printed cotton fabric, a sealed pack containing a mini sewing kit (a nice touch!) and buttons for any front detailing you want to do, as well as clear instructions and of course, the re-usable paper pattern.

Everything is very nicely presented and the supplies go back neatly into the plastic pouch for storage until you're ready to begin sewing. I have to say that instead of there just being enough for your project inside, there's actually plenty of the supplies which is good to know.

kit 3

The printed cotton fabric is of high quality and is lovely and soft, but feels sturdy enough - so you know it's going to be a nice, straightforward sew! The print reminds me of Liberty style prints.....so you'll definitely be getting stylish undies with this kit!

Here are some knickers that have been created with this fantastic kit, as shared by the sewing community on Pinterest.

Aren't they fantastic?

sew over it knickers

Our verdict: 

£12.50 might seem like a lot to shell out for a pair of pants. However, that's not all you're getting in reality. Yes, you do get enough in the kit to create one pair of knickers but you also get the template that will enable you to make pair after pair after pair. The sewing pattern in this kit is the perfect pattern to use with fabric remnants - anytime you have any leftover fabric, whip up a pair of undies. Make 12 pairs and that's just over £1 a pair and yes....that might be in line with regular supermarket and chain store prices but the difference is, you made these. They're top quality, they aren't going to fall apart or get holes in. You can't get underwear in all the pretty prints and fabrics you have hiding in your stash!

This is an easy project where everything is provided. You just have to buy one item and you have a complete project to do. It's well worth investing the £12.50 and every time you have a spare half an hour you can add to your bespoke lingerie collection.

Highly recommended product. Click here to take a look at it in our store.