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Amanda's cotton combo - Prints & plains!

Thursday, 31 March 2016 09:48:41 Europe/London

Here's something to make you smile on this lovely Spring day - Amanda visited the houses of parliament this month as her school was nominated for an award. This meant only one thing - she needed a new dress! We think what she came up with was absolutely fabulous! We think you'll read more below to see the post in full.

London Bus Dress

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The Rockcliffe

Friday, 4 March 2016 09:32:10 Europe/London

All we can think of to say for this blog post is.....drumroll please! Amanda's back! 

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Amanda's Bannatyne

Thursday, 4 February 2016 11:13:04 Europe/London

Our beloved Amanda is back with a beautiful dress that she wore last month at a Christmas party. We absolutely love this fact, we like it better than the dress that inspired it! 

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Amanda's Cool Summer Blouse

Tuesday, 7 July 2015 10:22:37 Europe/London

Wow! This Summer is a real sorcher! ☼

What better way to stay cool that a gorgeous, open-knit crochet lace? In gorgeous white, this top is just the thing for making the most of the breeze that will help you cool down.

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The £20 Eliza M Dress Bundle

Tuesday, 16 June 2015 12:16:08 Europe/London

So, which dress bundle did you choose for your Eliza M Vintage project? With so many dress patterns and printed cotton combinations available, we're sure our customers had a great time choosing what to make. Our blogger Amanda certainly did. Read more about which supplies she selected and take a look at the outcome!

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Cotton Lottie's

Monday, 1 June 2015 12:01:41 Europe/London

If there is one person out there who has perfected the Lottie Blouse, it has to be Amanda! Not content with sewing up a whole collection of Lottie's for her own wardrobe, she has now turned her talents to helping her mum expand her wardrobe too! 3 Lotties and counting.....

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Amanda's Rosie & Jim Dress

Monday, 11 May 2015 09:53:46 Europe/London

When we added some lovely, affordable Spring/Summer cotton prints to the collection, we weren't suprirsed to find Amanda being one of the first to order some! Since she ordered this fabric and published her blog post, sales for this gorgeous design have rapidly increased. Take a look below at her beautiful dress and you'll see why!

The Rosie and Jim Dress


I bought this beautiful fabric from White Tree Fabrics. I often blog for them and they send me beautiful fabric to make whatever I choose. This time though, I decided to make the most of my 20% off code (SEWDEPUTY) and bought two metres of this cotton.


It just had to be a Summer Ruby. When it arrived, I draped it on my mannequin and everytime I walked past it reminded me of when my children were little and watched a programme called Rosie and Jim. They were a little boy and a little girl who lived in a barge with Duck. Ginny  (@sweetmyrtle) was reminiscing along with me and sent the photo of Rosie and Jim ……who still live in her house!   

We decided I really did need a barge for the photo shoot and a barbecue for  my nephew’s birthday at my sister’s house in York gave me an opportunity to get some boat shots! 

Here are the twirling shots!



I used the Simple Sew Ruby dress pattern and added the concealed zip down the centre back. I used the fabric to make some bias binding to edge the sleeves.


As you can see we have some very mixed weather again and the River Ouse is very high today.


We even managed to find a solitary duck for the photo shots! 


I managed to find some waving passengers on a boat trip! Blog Manager was not impressed!!

She needed a mango smoothie and pain au raisin after all the river bank strolling and stress of her Mother waving at random people!


Pattern : Simple Sew Ruby Dress

Notions: 16inch concealed zip

Fabric : 2 metres from White Tree Fabrics

Wonky Factor: 9/10 maybe a little too short! 


Thanks to Amanda for letting us share this make with you!

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Amanda's Liberty Blouse

Thursday, 23 April 2015 11:50:29 Europe/London

Liberty Wildflowers is our best-selling Liberty fabric. Our blogger Amanda simply couldn't resist buying some for herself and she has been kind enough to let us share her blog post with you all.


The Liberty Alan

It was my Dad’s birthday on Saturday and so the treat is always morning coffee in our nearest Bettys. If you follow my blog you will know how often I visit! It is a quintessential English tea rooms. He is called Alan, hence ‘The Liberty Alan’ and he collects old cameras. Here he is, showing off the birthday gift. 


I know I keep making Lottie blouses, but my excuse is…they really are lovely to wear, I feel smart even when casual and they really show off the fabric.  After sewing my other blouses – The Lawn Lottie and The Feathers- (remember I cut out three waiting to take the Blog Manager to the bus to Rome!!?!) and loving them so much, I decided I was an expert and could certainly make a space in my wardrobe for a Liberty classic.


It was a gorgeous Spring day walking to Bettys and so could not resist the daffodil cluster for a few Liberty Wildflower themed shots! 

I bought the Wild Flower Liberty fabric from White Tree fabrics. I just bought one metre and you may have noticed (those eagle eyed followers!) that the bow is slightly shorter on this Lottie.



Despite only buying a metre, I still had enough to make my own bias binding- I know May Martin would be so proud!! So I decided again to let it show on the edge of my sleeves. What is this called??!? I did it on The Feathers too and liked how the fabric is in a different direction, just an added extra! 


I really loved sewing this fabric, it is like the Rolls Royce of fabric. I keep looking at the other choices on the website and eyeing them up as possible Lotties!! 

HELP ME!! I think I have a Lottie problem! Be warned it is contagious! Hila has now decided she needs one in her wardrobe- will she stop at one tho!?! 

Pattern: Simple Sew Lottie Blouse

Fabric : 1m of Liberty Wildflower from White Tree Fabrics. 

Wonky Factor: 8/10 I’m wondering if I hemmed it slightly shorter than the others… midriff is not the type for showing off!! 

You will be please to know I have ordered some more fabric from White Tree Fabrics…….wasn’t this designed  to be made into a Ruby!?!



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The Lawn Lottie

Wednesday, 8 April 2015 10:04:51 Europe/London

Time for another fantastic make from our very own GBSB contestant, Amanda!

The Lawn Lottie

Here is the pattern:


So with great gusto, I cut out three Lottie blouses! I know, I know…I need to get out more! But I love the Lottie pattern so much. It fits beautifully, I love the vintage style and I just love wearing it! 

I decided to hunt out my left overs from the Lawn Bow dress I made for White Tree Fabrics last year. 


The White Tree newsletter said that Lisa was hoping for some pastel shades on the website soon and I couldn’t agree more. This is such a beautiful fabric to wear and sew! It would look great in a Summer dress, skirt or blouse. 


I love the bow, and I didn’t sew the ends so that the fancy edging showed.


I used shop bought bias binding on the sleeves and hand stitched it down.


How did I wear it….. I  wore my shop bought (from years ago!!) geometric black and white raincoat! I have always loved a raincoat!


Pattern: The Lottie Blouse -Simple Sew

Also made here: The Lace Lottie, The Paisley  Bow 

Fabric: Black Lawn from White Tree Fabrics

Wonky Factor: 9/10 . I love it but think it should be a little more fitted at the sides. A new blouse from leftovers! Thanks White Tree!


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Product Launch with Amanda!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015 12:06:08 Europe/London

What better way to launch our beautiful new Flower Guipure fabric than with the help of Amanda of Sew Deputy? You may recognise Amanda from Series 3 of The Great British Sewing Bee - she made it through to episode 4 of 6. Here, she shows us what you can create when there are no deadlines or pressures involved!

We were in the 90% view of the eclipse here in the North East of England, so it seemed appropriate to name my new guipure lace dress after a viewing!  

I got the lace from White Tree Fabrics to recreate the Lace Coat dress, however, when it arrived it was so beautiful I couldn’t cut into it without perfect pattern pieces…..just in case it went horribly wrong! 

Bet you can’t guess the pattern I reached for???


Yes, the Simple Sew Skater dress . I didn’t have enough fabric for the circle skirt and so went for a gathered skirt attached to the bodice. I was worried it was too ‘sticky out’ on my waist, but a new black patent belt seems to do the trick. I also made the back higher and used a side zip. I didn’t make the slip as I have a few from BHS (British Home Stores- a UK STORE) and as they are only £8 it seems silly to make them! 



My blog photographer felt with such a posh, lace dress we needed a contrast background…….the back alley of our Victorian terrace seemed perfect!






My shoes are just beautiful…they are black velvet with butterflies embroidered on them…tricky for cobbles though! 

Pattern: Simple Sew Skater Dress #006

Fabric: 2m of black guipure lace from White Tree Fabrics. I have a 20% off code for you to use at WT Fabrics: Enter SEWDEPUTY at the checkout.

Notions: 9inch zip in the side seam

Wonky Factor : I did think 7/10 because of the gathered waist, but am tempted to up it to a 9/10 now I have seen the photos! The lace is just beautiful! The better the fabric the better my sewing! 


Ps. I also spotted Kate Garraway wearing a very similar dress! 

Pps . Shoe  inspection photo by request!




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