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Charlie's Teal Knit Dress

Monday, 30 November 2015 12:09:58 Europe/London

Hot on the heels of Neela's warm jersey knit Donna Karan dress, we brng your Charlie's take on the same Vogue Designer pattern! Take a look to see how this dress came out when she used our Teal Ponti Roma.

Donna Karan dress by

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A Tilda-Miette Skirt – It’s a wrap!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014 16:03:36 Europe/London

Tilda Cotton is proving to be well loved by bloggers and customers alike. Beautiful prints and very sew-friendly material combine to make this fabric a favourite to sew with.  Well, what happens when you pair it with one of the most popular skirt sewing patterns around at the moment? Charlie found out - here's her fabulous make!

Tilda Miette

Have you heard about Tilda fabric? I hope you have, because it’s awesome! Tilda fabric was actually the first fabric I bought after I got my sewing machine (I bought a pack of fat quarters on Amazon because I had no idea how to shop fabric back then). This year I used up all my Tilda leftover fabric for making my sewing machine cover. When White Tree Fabrics asked me to join their blogging team I was super excited that they had Tilda fabric in stock. All I had to do was find the right pattern to go with it.

White Tree Fabrics specialise in dressmaking fabrics, haberdashery and patterns.They have all Tilly & The Buttons patterns in stock and I thought why not add the Miette to my Tilly pattern collection?

Tilda Miette Skirt

The fabric:

After forcing the Mr. to help me pick a nice Tilda cotton, I finally went for the Ella Slate Blue. All Tilda prints are very romantic in style and since this one also looked a bit like washed denim I thought it would be perfect for a skirt. The fabric quality is amazing, it’s quite heavy-weight and very very smooth. It was really nice to sew with.  I did my best to match the pattern and have to say that I did quite well. You can barely see the pockets!

Ella Slate Blue Tilda

Tilda Miette Skirt

The pattern:

Now let’s talk about the pattern! I was a bit worried that the Miette might not be my cup of tea. I’m not a big 1970′s fan and those pockets just seemed to scream 70′s to me! As I had more than enough fabric, I decided to make the version with the pockets anyway.

Furthermore, I was also worried that the A-line shape of the skirt might not fall softly and therefore look a bit frumpy on myself (all this was suddenly going through my head as I was cutting out the fabric and I was starting to doubt my decision).

The pattern itself was really straightforward and the instructions so clear and detailed that the skirt came together without any problems in only a couple of hours. I made a size 3 which I did not grade up to a larger size at the hips – it’s a wrap skirt, so I though I would be fine.

I overlocked all seams with off-white thread and pressed them open. I hemmed the skirt with my machine, about 1.5cm from the edge, after folding it over twice.

Tilda Miette Skirt

The skirt doesn’t need any zips or buttons, it simply closes by tying it in the front. There is a tiny hole in the waistband (see pic below) where you pull one tie through and then join it with the other one in the front to make a bow. I still haven’t figured out how to tie it so it looks like a nice bow, not just like a crooked propeller. The ties have a nice length, not too long and not too short.

Tilda Miette Skirt

The fit:

I really was pleasantly surprised by the fit of the Miette Skirt. It didn’t look 1970′s frumpy at all. The skirt drapes quite beautifully and you can barely see the large pockets, which are super practical (hiding large smartphones)!

Overall the skirt fits nicely and the back panels overlap enough to not risk flashing people. You only have to be careful when you come back from the ladies that you pull everything back in place before you step out of the door. It’s worth double checking in the mirror! (Don’t ask me how I know this!)

I quite like the pattern and will probably make the skirt again, maybe even in a softer fabric and without the pockets. The only thing I’m not so happy with is the big bow, as it is not too flattering sitting right on top of your tummy and I also noticed that I can’t wear my lovely pussy bow blouses with it   Two propellers in the front looks just veeery awkward. Too bad!

Tilda Miette Skirt

When I ordered my fabric I also asked the lovely White Tree Fabric team to add some Tilda ribbon to the mix:

It’s the Sally Blue Green Tilda ribbon. I wanted to add it onto the skirt hem or waistband, but although it’s basically the same print (if you look closely you can see it) it just looked really odd on the skirt, so I had to discard that idea. Luckily, I have a bit of the fabric left and will make a cushion cover with it and will use the pretty trim to embellish it! (You can look forward to more Tilda action!)

White Tree Fabrics just annouced that they now have all the By Hand London patterns in stock, whoop, whoop! Guess what I will be making next? I’m really looking forward to my next White Tree Fabrics make and already started planning.

What are your thoughts on the Miette Skirt? Have you made it? Are you planning to?

Tilda Miette Skirt

If you'd like to try this skirt for yourself, here's what you'll need:

Shopping list - (click to view item).

Tilda Cotton Fabric - Ella Slate Blue

Tilly and the Buttons Miette Skirt Sewing Pattern

Co-ordinating Thread

Happy sewing! We'd love to see your makes - if you would like to share any makes made with White Tree products, drop us a line and we'll reward you with a special discount code.


Comments | Posted in Bloggers Creations By Lisa Washington

Meet our Bloggers - Charlie

Tuesday, 19 August 2014 11:00:48 Europe/London

White Tree fabrics are delighted to welcome Charlie to the WhiteTree blogging team.

This blog is not for you

Charlie is a twenty-something, currently living in London. She's originally from Germany and moved to London two years ago. Charlie is a psychologist by trade and works in a big psychiatric hospital. Sewing really helps her to get rid of all the stresses from the day.

Charlie's true sewing passion started when she befriended a girl in her first flat share who owned a vintage sewing machine given to her by her grandmother. Charlie started off making bags, wallets and accessories. She's always loved refashioning her clothes and having a sewing machine opened up a new world to her. As soon as she moved out, Charlie bought herself a cheapo-sewing machine that she's used ever since.

In 2011,  Charlie began teaching herself to make handmade clothes. She became more and more ambitious and eager to learn about technique, pattern drafting and fitting. She hasn’t looked back!

Charlie has been blogging about her handmade makes and progress in sewing her own wardrobe on her blog since 2012 – the year she moved to London. The amazing sewing community here really fuelled her ambition: In 2014, she started making and selling her own sewing patterns.

Besides sewing, Charlie is a big fan of painting, drawing, reading and watching old Hollywood movies. She loves coffee and everything that’s creative and is very eager to try new hobbies – although she has way too many already!

You can find Charlie on Instagram: and twitter (@tbinfy).

We can't wait to see her first creation in collaboration with WhiteTree fabrics!

this blog is not for you logo

charlie this is not the blog for you

Comments | Posted in WhiteTree Blog Team By Lisa Washington
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