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Geo's shiny top

Friday, 30 January 2015 15:27:55 Europe/London

Today we've got a fantastic project for you from Geo. We love this top and think it's a great twist on a regular jersey top.


This simple top must be the most controversial piece of clothing I have ever made. I have never heard so many comments about something I was wearing. Most of them were “Oh, your top is so shiny!”. I think this is due to the fact that I never ever wear shiny things AND the artificial light in the office makes it look shinier than it actually is.

Even my husband said I look like this:

Click to see the video

But I definitely think I look more like this:

Space Oddity

This is my second WhiteTree project and this time I chose this metallic copper jersey and Vogue 8636. I kinda went with view D, but removed the darts in the sleeves and neckband. There were supposed to be two 1/2 inch darts in the band, but I removed one inch from the width of the band hoping that by stretching the smaller band in the neck opening I could leave out the darts. Well, the band was too wide for this to work, and I really looked more like Zlad than Bowie. I don’t believe in ripping seams in soft knit, so removing the band wasn’t an option. I fold it back to the inside, overlapping the edge to the initial seam and top stitched. It looks good, like a proper neckband should look like :)

There was a guy smiling from a window across the street :)

I usually use size 12 with Vogue, but this time 12 looked rather small. I compared the pattern with a top I had and decied to go with 12 for neck and armholes and 14 everywhere else. I top stitched most seams in an attempt to bring this sparkly top into day wear.

I love this blue door I found today very close to my office. I might make it my standard backdrop, as long as the people living there will let me. I didn’t meet them today, but there were a lot of people walking around smiling, I couldn’t help but to smile back. I have the blog for too long now to get shy when people stare at me. :)

This was my face when an old lady on a bike passed by waving

Shiny is not always bad, is it?

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Geo's Purple Ponti Roma Dress

Thursday, 20 November 2014 09:32:31 Europe/London

Ponti Roma is the perfect fabric for Autumn/Winter. It's a great all round dressmaking fabric but it also benefits from having a cosy, snuggly feel. Our 8429 is available in 5 great colours. You can see Emily's Ponti Roma tunic in red here. However, this particular blog post is about Geo's beautiful purple ponti roma dress! Take a look....

purple ponti roma dress


Sometime in august I met Simona for a drink when she was in London and she told me about WhiteTree Fabrics and their blog team. I checked their website and they were still looking for bloggers to join the team, so I signed up!

It took me two months to make this dress and write this post, and this was after almost a month of trying to choose the pattern and fabric. In the end I decided to go with something practical, that I could wear everyday. I used Vogue 8787 because I loved that neckline, a purple ponte roma and black stretch lining.

purple ponti roma dress

After looking at images of finished dresses using this pattern, I decided to make the top one size smaller than what I would normally go for. The neckline and gathered detail were more obvious when the top is really stretched on the body. The little table on the envelope says I’m somewhere in-between size 14 and 16, but after measuring the pattern I cut the top in size 10 tapering to 12 at the waist/skirt.

purple ponti roma

I didn’t want a straight skirt, but a very full skirt wouldn’t look to good in this fabric either (I think), so I closed the darts on the straight skirt to get this A-line shape. I followed the pattern instructions for constructing the dress, but I always attach the lining following this tutorial.

purple ponti roma

The plan was to make a winter dress but it looked much too severe with long sleeves and skirt.

purple ponti roma

We love this dress and think it's perfect for the colder weather. If you fancy making this dress yourself, here's your shopping list:

Ponti Roma, available in 5 colours ► here
Lining fabric ► here.
Vogue V8787 Sewing pattern ► here.

Happy Sewing!

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Meet our Bloggers - Geo

Thursday, 4 September 2014 16:40:58 Europe/London

WhiteTree fabrics are delighted to welcome Geo to the WhiteTree family!


Geo remembers being almost 14 and still hand sewing dresses for her Cindy doll (a cheaper Barbie) and dreaming about being a fashion designer. She's not sure what happened in the short in between year, but at 15 when she went to high school, Geo completely ditched this dream and started learning programming.

In December 2008 she bought a sewing machine and started reading sewing blogs – almost everything Geo knows about sewing she learned online and by using Burda Style magazine. Geo very rarely buys clothes for herself now, mainly lingerie and jeans (but she plans on making these herself too!). She love colors and polka dots and likes to use natural fabrics for everyday wear.

Geo has a 3 year old who’s keeping her from sewing/knitting/running as much as she wants! 

We can't wait to see Geo's first make for WhiteTree the meantime, you can follow her sewing adventures by clicking below.

Living room

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