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Jo's Anita Tie Top

Wednesday, 12 October 2016 09:22:54 Europe/London

We absolutely love this top from Jo at Three Stories High. The perfect project for our unusual but lovely printed chiffon!

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Art Gallery Fabrics Jersey Coco

Wednesday, 27 January 2016 16:00:53 Europe/London

We love the latest Tilly and the Buttons Coco project to join the blog. This time it's from Jo at Three Stories High and this time it's using an Art Gallery Fabrics printed jersey. We love this make and think you will too. Click read more below to see how Jo made this and just how much fun was had on the photoshoot!


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The versatility of fat quarters

Friday, 10 July 2015 10:54:13 Europe/London

When Jo used some leftover Liberty Print to create some undies for her friend, she turned her attention to making some for herself next. Take a look!

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Jo's Lacy Scarf

Tuesday, 24 March 2015 09:14:10 Europe/London

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ones!

Over Thinking

Sometimes you can over think stuff.
I have been hanging on to this last bit of guipure lace from White Tree fabrics. I have been thinking about adding it to a skirt hem, inserting it into the back of a blouse or using it for lace sleeves.

But in all honesty it never seemed to fit any of those ideas. Indeed the dreamed up garment in my head didn't even fit into my wardrobe.

However, my mum suggested, "Why don't you hem it and just make it into a scarf?"

She was soooo right.

A genius she is.

Thanks for continuing to help me sew (useful) stuff mum!

Happy Mothering Sunday to all mums out there (original publication date 15th March 2015).

Jo xxx
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Jo's Cotton Trousers

Wednesday, 4 March 2015 11:24:55 Europe/London

The Great British Sewing Bee series 3 has seen the contestants facing some difficult tasks, but cast your mind back to the very first episode and the very first challenge - cotton trousers! One of our lovely bloggers Jo decided to tackle this challenge herself, with fantastic results. She's created the perfect Spring/Summer look. Over to Jo!

GBSB trousers

So did you like the trousers in episode one of The Great British Sewing Bee? 

White tree fabrics sent me this gorgeous Liberty print called Wiltshire which is a cotton lawn ideal for lightweight summer trousers.

I saw a free pattern attached to Sew home & Style magazine in the March issue and it looked quite perfect. The whole magazine was great actually. My lovely neighbour bought me the February one for my birthday and I was lured into getting the following edition.


They don't have a waistband, I used bias binding on the top of mine. 

There is an invisible zip on the side so the front is smooth.

So get out to a newsagents/supermarket, grab the magazine and free pattern, dust off your machine and choose your favourite Liberty print. 


Jo's Guipure Evening Top

Tuesday, 6 January 2015 16:13:58 Europe/London

Inspired by a Vintage Sewing Pattern, Jo of Three Stories High combined our black tassled guipure lace with a gorgeous midnight blue coloured lining and the results is a stunning evening top. Read on......

White Tree Black Lace

This project started with some inspiration from a vintage pattern find; I needed guipure lace... what on earth is that? I thought... I visited White tree fabrics for some ideas.

Guipure evening top

I was sent this beautiful guipure lace . It has a cotton/crochet feel about it but in all honesty, I had no idea how to actually work with it. I sort of ran shy from the original vintage pattern. I started to think the less raw edges and cuts I made, the less amount of things could go wrong. So I fell back on a modern vintage pattern and went for another portrait blouse fromGerties Book for Better Sewing. She had made a lace version that I thought would fit the bill. 

Guipure evening top

The lining acted as a kind of muslin. I made it slightly bigger in the waist and hips to eliminate the need for a side zip. I was still going with the less is more theme. Inserting a zip in this lace? Absolutely no idea! The colour inspiration for the lining comes from my personal pledge to myself to only make things that go with other things that I already have.

Guipure top

In the end I lost some of the body shaping which I knew would happen with the tweeks I made but it is the most comfortable top ever. The vintage element eventually turned out to be a bit 1920's flapper girl don't you think?

guipure top

I read a few tutorials on this lace and they all said to use bias binding (which is what had been done on the original pattern I looked at) to finish the edges which was the perfect.

Guipure lace top

I am feeling pretty on trend with lace - it is everywhere in the shops and it is not that scary to sew with. I would like to thank White Tree Fabrics for letting me try out their fabric. 

Your Shopping List:

Click here for the Tassle Guipure lace
Click here for Midnight blue lining fabrics
Click here for Bias Binding
Click here to find the sewing pattern 

Has this blog project inspired you? If you make something with our fabrics we'd love to see! Share your make with us - send us an email with a photo or two and receive an exclusive discount coupon, plus the chance to be featured on our blog.

Happy Sewing!

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Wedding Waistcoat by Jo

Thursday, 4 September 2014 15:57:52 Europe/London

And now for something completely different! This fantastic make comes from Jo at Three Stories High and is one of our favourite creations to date, as well as being the first garment made for a man! Over to Jo....


One for the boys

Here is one for the boys. We have been invited to a wedding with a dress code called 'a touch of country tweed'. Bloke has been asked to read a poem for his very good friend and also has to wear a tweed style waistcoat of his choosing. This is where I stepped in.

I have recently joined the blogging team at White Tree Fabrics so I ordered a pattern and some sumptuous satin lining. The main fabric I already had, it is some welsh wool from years and years ago, the 1980's I think, which someone gave me.
Ta dah!

The colours in the wool are perfect for matching any colour trousers or shirt - grey, navy, brown, white.

The quality of the lining from White Tree really made the back though. It looks so luxurious.

waistcoat with satin
The pattern construction was not for the beginner. It did have little pockets on the front with welts but the fabric was too thick to get the welts to sit flat (and I was a bit rubbish at it if the truth be told!!) so I binned that side and cut out another one. He was happy with a smooth fitting flat front. "What would I have put in a tiny pocket like that anyway?" he quizzed. 

This is the pattern from White Tree Fabrics. You can be a real master and try the one with the collar - it has 13 pieces in it, or just make a plain one like I did. 

So I know you will be wondering what does it actually look like.

waistcoat 2

We went to the wedding in our homemade outfits and lapped up the compliments.

Thanks for looking at my project. Thanks to all at White Tree Fabrics.

Jo xxxx

 Jo & waistcoat

We think Jo and her other half both look fantastic! What did you think of this make? If you want to make something similar, here's what you'll need:

The Satin lining can be found ► here 

The waistcoat sewing pattern is ► here

Matching sewing thread available ► here

Tweed Wool, inc. Scottish Tweed ► here

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Meet our Bloggers - Jo

Wednesday, 2 July 2014 12:48:29 Europe/London

WhiteTree fabrics are delighted to welcome Jo Roberts to the WhiteTree Blogging Team.

Jo Roberts

Jo loves to make something everyday. She enjoys all kinds of crafts and loves to learn new things all the time. Jo is the proud owner of two (working) sewing machines and an overlocker. Her other passion is crochet. Jo teaches group workshops which she finds really rewarding.

Jo's two daughters, aged 7 and 4,  have started to select what they would like her to make for them which is a new thing for her as previously... Jo made it and they wore it! She's really looking forward to blogging for White Tree Fabrics and exploring new materials and techniques.

We're really pleased to have her on the team and look forward to her first make. You can follow Jo's sewing & crafting adventures over at her blog.


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