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Beautiful Lace Dress

Wednesday, 9 September 2015 09:21:59 Europe/London

For his second project, Curtis set himself a real challenge. Not only did Curtis decide to work with lace, but with satin too; a pretty brave move on his part! But keen attention to detail, careful planning and taking plenty of time has resulted in an absolutely beautiful dress, as modelled by Charli Nice. Click read more to view this fantastic make.

Lace Dress

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Christmas Party Dress sew-a-long: Finishing Touches & Big Reveal!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014 16:56:29 Europe/London

If you were following our Christmas Dress Sew-a-long, get ready for a jam packed final blog post!!

First of all, let's talk about the finishing touches you will need to complete your dress.....

Christmas Party Dress

We are on the final post of this sew-along with fabric from WTF. It really is a beautiful dress- very simple but the fabric is sumptuous! I wanted to make sure the finishing touches were not going to let the dress down. In my head I had a Downton Abbey style dress with a cord belt. So at The Knitting and Stitching Show I bought some cord and some tassels from Aarti J to put on the end of the cord. I also called at Duttons for Buttons so I could add a beautiful button…..when the lady pointed out the Yorkshire Rose button there was no other choice! I am a Yorkshire girl!

Once you have your preferred notions, you're in a position to complete your dress. Here's the finished product from Amanda:

Christmas Party Dress

And here she is wearing it to a Christmas party and looking stunning!

Christmas Party Dress

Here is the Christmas Party Dress at the Christmas Party! Terrible photos I am afraid, but proof that I wore it!

Christmas Party Dress

Click here to see more!

We really hope you've enjoyed this sew-a-long and that it has inspired you to think about making your own dress for special occassions, be it Christmas, as a wedding guest, or just replacing a beloved black lace party dress!

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Christmas Party Dress sew-a-long: PART 3

Tuesday, 2 December 2014 09:35:52 Europe/London

It's time for Part 3 of our sew-a-long Christmas Party dress with Amanda.


In our previous blog posts, Amanda has showed you how to get started and how to work on the bodice of the dress. To make a start, you obviously need the dress kit, which you can buy here. We've discounted this especially for our readers to ensure you save money and get a bargain!

Today's instalment is all about the skirt, and joining the bodice and skirt together. Over to Amanda!


The skirt was also an easy sew on the Christmas party dress. The style is a blouson effect and has an elastic casing to bring the fabric in at the waist.


I made sure that my skirt was going to be the correct length so I could use the scalloped edge of the lace for the hem.


The scallop of the lace, shown here is one of the other available colours. This product code is 7888. Click here to see more.


It was at this point that I needed a real try on with my shoes. I also wanted to make sure that the length was right and where to hem the lining to. The pattern has a slit in the back of the skirt but due to the lace I decided to miss it out on my dress.


The last part of the sew along will be the finishing touches. I love choosing these parts of a dress and I usually have an idea already planted in my head- I can’t wait to show you!

Christmas Party Dress sew-a-long: PART 2

Thursday, 27 November 2014 14:47:18 Europe/London

So it's time for Part 2 of our sew-a-long Christmas Party dress with Amanda.


If you aren't already taking part but would like to, click here to purchase a kit and click here for part 1.

Christmas Party sew a long part 2

Pin the lace to the bodice lining, right sides together. Use pins to mark where you need to sew around armholes and neckline. See photograph below.

Christmas Party Dress sew a long part 2

Sew with a sewing machine, trim seam and then under stitch in to the lining as far as possible, as the photo shows.


Follow steps 6 and 7 on the sewing pattern. I loved sewing this part. It was a great sewing moment when you say…"Ahhh! I get it now!"



The bodice is so neat and precise. The back matches perfectly too. It is the pulling through the shoulder seams that seem to give it that perfect look. It does say it is a ‘Very Easy Vogue’ pattern and I am inclined to agree with that. Simple but perfect so far!

Tools to help you with the bodice:

Dressmaking pins

Sew All Thread

Bobbins & more

Stay tuned for part 3 coming soon!

Christmas Party Dress sew-a-long: PART 1

Wednesday, 26 November 2014 15:18:52 Europe/London

Meet Amanda, our lovely blogger and the leader of our Christmas Party Dress sew-a-long.

Amanda Gledhill

Amanda was one of the first people to join our team earlier this year and has also been one of our most productive bloggers, having notched up an impressive 7 makes since June 2014. That's more than a project a month! Amanda always has such fantastic ideas about which fabric will work with which pattern and so when she suggested a Christmas dress sew-a-long, we started to investigate and research. We came up with the fabrics and the sewing pattern and got really good feedback on all of them. So, if you want to see what we selected and buy the kit, click here.

We'll be making Option B.

Now to kick off with Part 1 of the sew-a-long: Getting Started!

Christmas Dress

As a WhiteTree fabrics blogger, they send me the fabric of my choice to make into something beautiful! I have managed to create some beautiful makes with their fabric over the past 6 months. This post is slightly different as I asked WTF if I could make a party dress and do a sew along. I offered some ideas and with Lisa and her ability to network we came up with Vogue 8241. 

I was delighted when this fabric and pattern were chosen as it is an easy pattern with a lining, which works well with our fabric choice. This is a vintage lace in a sapphire grey. It has a slight stretch and is absolutely beautiful.

It will not need a hem due to the lovely scalloped edge, which will make it an easy sew for us.


 I cut out my pattern first and pinned it onto my mannequin just to check it would fit.

Christmas party dress

I then decided to cut the lining out first and once again checked it would fit the mannequin.

Christmas Party Dress

Once I had checked it was definitely going to fit I carefully cut out the lace. Take care with where the fold of your bodice is and make sure you are happy with where the flowers on the lace will be. I was very careful with the lace cutting as it is so delicate.

I measured the length I wanted my dress to be. I am going for a full length style with a scalloped hem so I measured from my waist to the correct length. I then folded back 3 inches of the pattern so the hem would be the scallop.

Christmas Party Dress

And guess what…..I pinned it to the mannequin! I also used post-it notes to remember which side is the right side.

So….cutting out all done and we are ready to sew. Join us for Part 2, coming up really soon. 

Essentials shopping list

Sew-a-long complete kit

Pattern cutting scissors

Fabric Shears

Learn more about the lace and other colour options available


Christmas Party Dress sew-a-long

Monday, 24 November 2014 17:02:08 Europe/London

Are you ready for our Christmas Party Dress sew-a-long? Due to kick off this Wednesday with Part 1 : Getting Started, the rest of the series will proceed with the following instalments:

Part 2- The bodice

Part 3- The skirt

Part 4- A perfect Finish

A final post will be made after the Christmas party that our blogger Amanda is wearing her dress to, which will be 14th December. We're so looking forward to seeing the dress if the sneak peek photos we've seen are anything to go by!

To purchase your Christmas Party blogger dress kit, click here. Each kit has been specially discounted for our customers, saving you up to £9 by buying the complete kit as opposed to buying the supplies separately. The kit includes lace, lining fabric, sewing pattern, thread and a beautiful button to create the perfect finishing touch to your dress.

You can choose from other lace colours and the lining fabric is also available in Black.

We hope you can join us and we hope you feel inspired to create your very own seasonal dress.


Suz's Little Black Lace Dress

Wednesday, 19 November 2014 16:27:17 Europe/London

Suz is our Edinburgh based blogger and her first project for us has turned out like a dream, just in time for party season! She's taken a popular lace fabric and created a classic little black party dress. We think it looks fantastic and we're happy to share this one with you and we hope it inspires you to think about making your own Christmas party dress. Don't forget, we also have a Christmas Party dress sew-a-long coming up very soon!

Little Black Dress

You may have read on Twitter that I recently became a part of the WhiteTree Fabrics Blog Team. I’m so thankful and grateful for their support and can’t wait to collaborate with them in this way! For my first project, I decided to try something new…I’ve finally finished my most challenging sewing project to date and I’m feeling mightily proud of myself! Despite the pressures of work and family/friend commitments, I’ve managed to find the time to make my very own piece of formal wear and just in perfect time for November, which is usually my busiest month in terms of social events. I’m not 100% happy with it (I never am!); however, I’m really happy with what I produced despite being unfamiliar with the pattern and all of the fabrics involved.

Little Black Dress

To help me get a good fit with this dress, I enrolled in my first every Craftsy class: ‘Sew the Perfect Fit’ with Lynda Maynard. It cost me around £20 because they had it on sale and I honestly think that it was worth every penny.

While I don’t think I’ve managed to achieve that elusive perfect fit, it’s certainly made me think more carefully about the fitting process and I think that the more I practise the techniques suggested by Lynda, the easier fitting will become. It really opened my eyes to the problems behind certain gapings and pullings in the fabric, which, of course, is both a good and a bad thing. As someone who is already pretty critical of her work, I now find my eyes drawn to any little puckering. However, I’m hoping that it will encourage me to address little niggly things in future rather than just say, “Meeeeeh, it’s just a dress. I’ll do it better next time.”

I won’t go in to more detail about the class because I’m really rubbish at reviews; however, I will say that it has also completely opened my eyes to the wonders of Craftsy and how brilliant it is as a teaching and learning resource. I’ve already signed up for a few other classes (spending a whopping £50 in the process – damn my impulsive nature!!!) and hope to try out those quite soon.

The class uses the pattern I wanted to try out anyway (Vogue V8766), which was pretty handy. I decided to make View E (blue one), because I love a sleeve.

Black lace dress

As soon as I saw the lace, I knew that it was perfect. It’s Chantilly style and it costs £6.40 a metre, which I think is unbelievably reasonable for such lovely lace, given that my usual haunts charge a lot more or their reasonably priced ones look a bit shiny and (sorry!) a bit cheap. I was pleasantly surprised when this lace arrived.

black lace dress

I selected the pattern and lace combo for two reasons: Firstly, it looks like my favourite dress from a few years ago which is now sadly no longer with us. I think that dress cost me £120 from Monsoon and I used to wear it ALL THE TIME! Loved it. Plus, it had pockets!! RIP.

Also, there’s something about this combo which is reminiscent of my wedding dress, which I absolutely loved wearing and haven’t yet plucked up the courage to have re-fashioned.

I was really nervous about working with lace but it was actually really lovely to handle, cut and sew. I think my biggest fear was that it would be slippy and completely unmanageable when cutting it but I was pleasantly surprised. It didn’t slip at all (although I didn’t double the fabric up at any point and just made sure that it was as flat as possible). Also, I typically use a rotary cutter with my fabric, but for this project I stuck to my super sharp scissors, which allowed for accurate cutting with minimal movement from the fabric. What I would say though is that it’s pretty delicate. At one point I did pull the lace a bit hard and it ripped a tiny wee bit. I just stitched it up and now it looks perfectly fine.

I’m really happy with the style of the dress. It is a tiny bit snug but I quite like that. I think it makes my waist look quite small, which is always a good thing!

black lace dress

My main complaint with a lot of similar dresses I’ve tried on recently in the shops is that they’re a bit flimsy. I honestly can’t bear the thought of wearing my Spanx during the festive season so I wanted my lining to do a bit of the work in terms of holding me in and making me appear to be smoother and more svelte. The duchess satin that I used for the lining was perfect for that. It’s really heavy duty feels so beautiful against my skin. My only complaint though is that because it’s so thick and lustrous, it doesn’t hold a crease. This is perfect in terms of every day wear, but not so much in terms of stitch lines & deliberate creases. I think it also makes it appear bulkier in places whereas a more delicate satin or silk would have been flatter… but wouldn’t have held me in as much. Can’t win really.

I really enjoyed inserting the sleeves in to this dress because it had three darts, which I’ve never actually done before on a sleeve. I think it looks really effective! I’ll definitely try it again.


I left the beautiful scalloped edge of the lace at the bottom of the dress to make the hem more effective.

Overall I’m really pleased with the dress. It does have a few flaws – I might  have to wear those Spanx after all – however, I feel like I really learned a lot while making this dress and I’m immensely proud of myself for it! So there we have it: my first project as a WhiteTree Fabrics blogger, my most challenging project to date and a dress that will hopefully see me through my crazy busy November and the festive season as a whole!


We absolutely love this beautiful dress and think that Suz did a wonderful job. Do you fancy having a go at making your own party season dress like this one? Here's your shopping list:

Get the lace here. Available in 13 gorgeous colours. 

Choose your lining. Duchess satin here, available in 34 colours, or our liquid lining satin here, which is available in 39 colours.

Vogue V8766 dress dewing pattern availabe here.

Black thread for your little black dress is available here.

Happy Sewing!

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The Dorchester Dress

Thursday, 21 August 2014 12:07:56 Europe/London

Afternoon tea at the five star Dorchester Hotel in London calls for a very special outfit! When one of our lovely bloggers Amanda booked her place for afternoon tea, she immediately called on us for her next project - she'd spotted the perfect lace to create the perfect dress. The lace is elegant, timeless and Amanda chose a classic Navy colour to create the dress she eventually named 'The Dorchester'. We think this dress is just wonderful! Here's the make in full:

The Dorchester

The Dorchester

This is another blog courtesy of more beautiful fabric from WhiteTree Fabrics.

It is my favourite pattern: The Anna Dress -By Hand London which I keep sewing… , here and even here! 

So it just had to be the dress to sew for Afternoon Tea at The Dorchester!

I did not use the pattern panels for the skirt, instead I cut the skirt slightly bigger and then added my own dart to match one of the pleats in the top.

The Dorchester

I also added a 9inch invisible zip into the seam, however, as the lace has a slight stretch I can get it on and off without using the zip! I used bias binding on the sides to sew the zip onto so I had some grip. A great effort and not even needed! The lace was easy to sew, I used a 1.5cm seam with a very slight zig-zag in it. I then cut the seam to within 0.5cm and then zig-zagged it so it looks overlocked. I used bias binding for the neck and sleeve edges. I hand stitched the bias binding once turned over so I did not damage the lace.

The Dorchester Dress

I had a blue cotton slip which I can wear underneath. I had enough lace to make a pashmina as I plan to wear this dress for a September wedding.

Fabric: 2m of blue large flower lace 

Pattern: Anna Dress

Notions: 9inch concealed zipper, navy bias binding,

Changes: I did not add panels to the skirt. I need to make it more fitted next time for a more flattering look!

Afternoon tea

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