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Lucie's Handbag Kit Project

Monday, 11 January 2016 14:32:09 Europe/London

Our UHanbga kits have been wildly popular ever since we started stocking them -but just how easy are they? One of our bloggers Lucie undertook the challenge and the result? Surprisingly easy and enjoyable! Read more below....

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Comments | Posted in WhiteTree Blog Team Bloggers Creations By Lisa Washington

Christmas Crafting with Lucie

Tuesday, 16 December 2014 15:09:11 Europe/London

With just a few supplies, you can create something wonderfully Christmassy to decorate your home with. Lucie shows you how you can create the perfect Christmas Tree Garland.

Christmas Tree Garland

A good while back ( too long for me to admit to!) Lisa at White Tree Fabrics sent me this little bundle. I had promised to make something Christmassy.

Christmas garland

Christmas Garland

These fabrics are one of the charming fat quarter packs. This is a Christmas one but there are many to choose from including some lovely Tilda fabric ones. 

I wanted to make a new Christmas garland for my kitchen dresser and had seen some small fabric Christmas Trees with cinnamon sticks used as trunks, on Pinterest.

To up scale the project a little, I cut the fabrics into strips of various widths and sewed them altogether, before cutting out my trees.

What do you think?


I love how each one is subtly different.

Christmas Garland garland

Mind you, for a seemingly simple project too many of these made the bin instead of the dresser! I soon learnt to check that I had ‘right sides together’, and to remember to sew the string in, and not to get the string caught in the side seam and that too many seams within the tree made turning them right side out very tricky and not to have the hessian as the fabric at the base as it just unravelled as you turned the tree the right way.

But very much worth it I think.

Christmas Garland

So the dresser is now dressed!


Here's what you'll need to re-create Lucie's Christmas Tree Garland:

Click here to buy the Christmas Fat Quarters. 

Buy your co-ordinating threads here.

You'll need ribbon to hang your garland. You can find that here.

You can find out where Lucie got her cinnamon sticks and light from by visiting the original post here.

Happy Crafting & Merry Christmas!

Comments | Posted in WhiteTree Blog Team Bloggers Creations By Lisa Washington

Lucie's Honeymoon Hold all bag

Wednesday, 10 September 2014 15:15:43 Europe/London

You may recall that back in July, Lucie created some wonderful, bespoke clutch bags for her upcoming wedding....and they turned out beautifully.

Wedding clutch bags

For her next project, Lucie turned her attention to her upcoming honeymoon and decided to create another bag, but this time, one that was a bit larger and would hold more than a lippy and some tissues! The result is a gorgeous, versatile, really pretty but practical shoulder bag fit for any honeymooner! Over to Lucie.

Honeymoon bag

Do you like my new bag? ‘It’s white!’ I hear you cry.

I would never buy a white bag but making one that I know I can wash is another matter. Anyway I needed a nice roomy packable bag to take me to lunch whilst on honeymoon. And if you can’t be flippant on honeymoon, when can you be?

Isn’t the fabric fabulous? It is a white bonded lace, courtesy of White Tree Fabrics. Basically it is a lace that is already bonded onto a satin back. So instead of you layering two fabrics together as I did for my wedding handbag it is done for you. This makes the fabric incredibly stable. As easy as sewing cotton. This fabric would make an incredibly cute 60’s shift dress. I might just have time to fit one in the 8 week count down to our trip. The pattern for the bag came from "Bags, the modern classics" by Sue Kim. Don’t be surprised if you see a few more makes from this book! I plan on making the front cover clutch bag next. This one was incredibly simple.

honeymoon bag 2

Details of above:

Simple pattern all laid out.
2 cut of the exterior fabric, 2 of the lining, 2 fusible medium weight interfacing, 2 heavy weight sewn in interfacing.
Magnetic clasp easily attached through a little square of medium weight interfacing.
A dear little pocket.
Honeymoon bag

We really love this bag! If you do too, here are the details of what Lucie used to make it.

White bonded 2-in-1 lace ► here.

Additional satin lining ► here.

Honeymoon bag

Comments | Posted in Bloggers Creations By Lisa Washington

Lucie's beautiful clutch bags for wedding days

Thursday, 3 July 2014 15:01:04 Europe/London

Lucie is our only craft blogger, and she tends to focus more on home furnishings, accessories, crocheting etc rather than fashion sewing. When we invited Lucie to join the team, she did check with us to make sure we knew what types of projects she preferred to do. We did and we purposefully looked for someone with Lucie's talents. We were really eager to have her on board so that we could make use of her crafting skills to showcase how versatile our products could be. 

As Lucie's nuptials are mere weeks away, she opted to create a bridesmaid bag, and her own wedding bag - and the result is just beautiful.

Here's Lucie's make in full.


This was my first make for White Tree Fabrics. The White Tree Fabrics blog is in it’s early days but the bar has already been set really high by fellow bloggers. The blog can been found here.

The fold-over clutch is for my daughter. The mint green duchess satin, provided by White Tree Fabrics along with all the other fabrics (silver duchess satin and Guipure Tassled Lace 8319-02 in ivory) , exactly matched the mint of my daughter’s dress.

She is completely thrilled with it. ‘You couldn’t even buy one of these if you tried’, she said. ‘That’s exactly why we sew,’ I replied.

bag 1

bag 2

I used the mint green duchess satin on the outside, covered in the beautiful lace, and lined it in a pale silver satin. The chunky metal zip and the purse cut on the cross, makes it just a little contemporary.

For my purse, just large enough for my phone, a lipstick and a hanky, I used a metal frame. It was the glue in type and incredibly easy to do. Expect to see a lot more of these coming up nearer Christmas.

wedding clutch bag

I switched the colour combination around for this one, using the green satin on the inside. I had not sewn with lace before. It cut without fraying but I found it useful to tack the lace onto the satin using the long running stitch on the machine. This ensured that I knew where the lace was when I was sewing all the layers together. I also used my walking foot for the very first time.

Without it the lace stretched and pulled and caused the satin to pucker up.

I followed this tutorial from FlamingoToes for the fold over clutch. It was just like a giant pencil case, just on an angle.

As for the framed purse, a tutorial on the Village Haberdashery site was useful but here are a few photos of the process.

I’m so pleased to have saved myself a shopping trip and ended up with two quality bespoke purses.

They feel so special.

Love, Lucie x

bag making 1

bag making 2

wedding bag

We think these bespoke bags are beautiful and the finish is such high quality. We hope they'll match the bride and bridemaids gowns perfectly! All that remains is for us to wish Lucie a wonderful wedding day - good luck!

Comments | Posted in Bloggers Creations By Lisa Washington

Meet our Bloggers - Lucie

Wednesday, 28 May 2014 14:38:00 Europe/London

WhiteTree fabrics are delighted to welcome Lucie Hubbard to the WhiteTree Blogging Team.


Lucie is a full-time working mother of a soon-to-be-teenager and a partner of a soon-to-be-husband. In between she loves to craft! Lucie has embroidered, sewn and crocheted from an early age, taught by her mum. These days she cannot sit without something in her hands to sew, crochet, knit, sketch, cut etc. This has become something of an addiction. In fact her fingers start to get twitchy if she's stationary somewhere, waiting for an appointment, waiting for her daughter or away with work, without some project or other to keep her hands busy. Minutes wasted make her anxious!

Lucie will try anything but her favourite crafts swing between fabric based home décor projects and gifts and anything she can do with a crochet hook. She sells her popular items through her own online shop with folksy, but really prefers to create one off items for her daughter, friends (and friends of friends) and family. Lucie also take pleasure in her own makes by replacing ugly but useful items around the home with unique beautiful hand made versions.

Through her blog, 'Love, Lucie' she loves to share her latest projects, both the successful and the lessons learnt through less successful makes. For what is the value of a lesson learnt if you can't share it with others? 

Lucie is really looking forward to delving into the White Tree Fabrics extensive fabric collection and incorporating more unusual lace and crochet fabrics into her home décor projects - she has lots of ideas! We look forward to seeing what Lucie can create and welcome her on board as our first home decor craft blogger.

Lucie logo

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