Now for something a little more casual! This project features our best-selling plain jersey fabric 7678 which is available in 20 colours - with more colours coming soon. This project is from Skye, one of the very first bloggers to sign up for our blog team. We're really pleased to bring you this one!


Well would you look at that! Skye, the girl with the huge jersey fear has finally bitten the bullet and made tshirts. 

Even though I had moments of second guessing my choice to keep things simple for my first White Tree Fabrics project, I'm so glad I did now as I feel like I've had a little sewing breakthrough. 

The pattern is Vogue V8879 and I've made view A and then a mix of B&C. If I'm honest, I'm not 100% sure that I'd call either top a roaring success in terms of fit, but the fact that I made them (mostly) problem free is definitely an improvement on past experiences with stretch fabrics. 


The twist on the arms of the blue top is a feature I thought was pretty cool, but I'm really not sold on it in these photos. I also love the fit of the black tshirt, it's the perfect oversized slouchy fit that I go for, but again there's something not quite right about the sleeves. 


My determination to really take on making my own hand made wardrobe has increased tenfold, and I have a feeling these fabrics had something to do with it. These jerseys were amazing to work with. Still slippery little suckers, but man what a difference good quality fabric makes. Although they're a little heavy for this weather, I love the drape of them and I hope these tops will become everyday pieces for me when it's cooler. 


I have one more top to share with you which I'm saving for another post, and it's definitely my favourite make so far.

Stay tuned :)