Trustpilot is an open, review-driven community connecting online consumers like you, with the companies that you buy from (like us!). It gives you the platform you need to review your online customer experience and to let your comments be seen and noted by other customers. 

Most people want to take to the internet to leave a review if they have had a particularly bad experience, which is completely understandable, especially if the company hasn't handled the complaint to their satisfaction.  Some customers might not even contact the company first, so the company might read about a negative experience on Trust Pilot and learn of it for the first time then. It doesn't matter how the retailer does discover their customer's dissatisfaction, what matters if that they do become aware of it and can then act on it and start to put things right and remedy the situation.

WhiteTree fabrics always try their utmost to give impeccable customer service but sometimes things do go wrong despite out best efforts, and we would always want to know about it so that we can resolve the situation. Email is a good place to start but reviews are good too - be it constructive critiscm, an observation or suggestion, or even a complaint - we want to hear from our customers and we want you to share your experiences.

We have been very happy so far to have received positive reviews, which lets us know that we're getting something right. But if that ever changes, please do talk to us. Our number one most important goal is customer satisfaction. 

Here's what some of our customers have had to say:

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