wish lists

Wish Lists and how they work

Our website has a great wishlist feature......here’s how to make the most of it!

►Create a Wish List

The wish list tool lets you keep a record of all the things you like, but perhaps aren’t ready to order yet. Maybe you’re considering several fabrics, or you haven’t decided what colour suits you, or how much fabric you need to order. Well the wish list allows you to select the items you’re interested in and save these so when you return to the site you don’t need to find them all again, saving you time. It’s very helpful if you need to share your project with a customer, colleague or friend because you can share the wish list using social media or email.

►You can have more than one Wish List on the go at once.

If you have several projects you’re working on you can organise all the things you need and are considering into a unique wish list for each project. You can still share your wish list with customers, friends or colleagues for them to comment on and help you refine what you need. You can call the wish list whatever you want to help you identify it, for example – Jane’s prom dress, Mary’s wedding dress etc. So finding the correct list won’t be an issue when you return.

► When you’re ready, simply move items to your shopping cart & check out.

Maybe you emailed the wishlist to your client for approval? Or maybe you just saved the wishlist until later? You can go back at any time, make any relevant changes and your wish list will continue to be stored until you’re ready to complete checkout, which is a simple process that can be done in the same screen.

► You can make notes so you remember what’s what.

Why did you add that embroidered lace to your wish list? Ahhh, yes....that’s going to be the bodice on the wedding dress.....there’s space for your notes so that if you go back in a few weeks, you’ll remember what everything is.

► I added something to the wrong WISHLIST.

That’s okay. You can move things to the correct place all from the same screen. You can change the quantity of items you wish to purchase, delete items, preview the total cost of your wish list and much more.

Wherever you see the heart button, you can click and access your wish list. You can set them up easily in My Account – you don’t need to register – just login with Facebook or Twitter and you’re all set!