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Cotton & Polycotton

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When WhiteTree fabrics started out, we had a huge collection of dressmaking fabrics in our range - lace, tulle, net, embroidery, organza, jersey, satin......the list is endless! However, we soon realised due to customer feedback that we were sorely lacking in the printed cotton be honest, we didn't even have a printed cotton department! But we talked with our customers, listened to our bloggers and because of this, it quickly became evident that cotton fabrics are often the first choice for dressmakers because satin and lace aren't everyday wear materials.....and our customers make all their own clothes, including casual every day wear (you talented bunch!).

So we started sourcing and researching and now we're able to offer lots of cotton prints. Choose from our £6.50 collection, or browse our wonderful Liberty selection which consists of seasonal and classic cotton tana lawns. Tilda is the brand to look at if you want pastel florals, co-ordinating collections and beautifully soft cotton fabric. Cloud9 fabrics offer you 100% organic cotton and Art Gallert fabrics brings you collections from many different designers. There's so much to choose from and what's more, we're adding to the collection constantly. Click on an icon above to browse a certain collection or just take a look at all of our cotton prints below. You're sure to find something perfect for your project.


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