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April Rhodes Patterns


I'm April. 

A happy, crafting mom, who often stays up WAY too late trying to stitch up dresses and create other fun bits. I started publishing a few of my own sewing patterns in 2013 and I continue to produce more designs over time. In 2014 I became a licensed fabric designer for Art Gallery Fabrics.  

My dream is to help others explore their personal creativity and to share the joy of craft.. 

Through my patterns, I hope to provide simple garments for beginning sewers and/or experienced sewers who want to quickly sew pretty things to wear. 

I LOVE to sew clothes, though I greatly enjoy all types of sewing, patchwork/quilting, home decor, embroidery and so on... Sewing brings me a great sense of fulfillment. After finishing a successful piece, I can hold it, feel it, see myself and my talents within it. If I want, I can show others. I can carry it, walk around inside of it or wrap up with it. I feel a grater sense of self worth and accomplishment. I am satisfied. It is these feelings, which I strive to share through my patterns. 

In the realm of fabric design, I strive to provide inventive and unique prints that are distinctly my own. I LOVE fabric and I still consider myself a fan girl of many other designers. I feel very honored to be in an industry where we all can share our personalities through our work, with unique styles and vision, while sharing the beautiful common thread of craft. 

Designing fabric has opened doors I never imagined. It's allowed me to be a part of other sewer's creative process in what feels like a very intimate way. Knowing that my fabrics are inspiring others to make things they feel proud is a huge honor.

In addition to my job a "mom", my work as a designer, and my nights of sewing, I also work with my mother at our family business, SEW TO SPEAK, a modern fabric shop in Columbus, Ohio. 


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