Guipure Lace

Lace is a delicate but beautiful fabric that is often used for decoration, both on clothing and on other textile products. Lace can be created either by hand or using a machine, and is made from yarn or thread in an open-web like pattern. Originally, lace was made from linen, silk, gold or silver threads, but now it is most commonly made from cotton thread. Patterns are stitched into lace fabric, traditionally creating floral patterns, although crafters now sew all manners of patterns into lace fabric.

Guipure lace is one of the most traditional and enduring types of lace fabric, dating back as far as the 1300s. It is also known as Venetian lace, and is made up of a continuous, intricate pattern or motif, which is often floral or geometric. The pattern is slightly more raised than other lace fabrics and is also robust and commonly used in bridal dresses. 

Here at White Tree Fabrics, we have a great selection of Guipure lace patterns for you to choose from, with three different colour groups to choose from; black, off-white and white.  Please feel free to browse our selection below, and we hope you can find a pattern that suits your sewing and crafting requirements.

View our extensive fabric collection and choose from over 1600 designs, in varying patterns and colours. If there's something you're looking for that you can't seem to find, then please contact us. Chances are we can get it and we would much rather stock the lovely things that you want to buy so that our shop offers the best selection possible.

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