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Bridal Lace

Bridal Lace makes a revival

Lace has been around since the 1500s but did you know tradition of a white wedding owes to Queen Victoria's choice to wear a white wedding dress when she wed Prince Albert in 1840?

Royal brides traditionally opted for "heavy brocaded gowns although other elites followed the Queen's lead across the Atlantic and Europe and it became the traditional symbol. White soon became the colour of choice for brides the world over - as it remains today. Elites loved it as it symbolised the family’s wealth; showing it could be worn and ruined by any sort of work or spill.  

The wedding veil, long a requirement with the church coincided with societal emphasis on women being modest and well-behaved but nowadays. remains a symbol of the bride, even when not required by the bride's religion.

White Tree Fabrics is constantly sourcing lace and other materials from around the world to be used in the making of wedding dresses. Bridal range fabrics come in a wide range of samples and colours. Embrace your femininity with the beautiful fabric and feel like a princess for a day.

Since Queen Victoria made it popular, many brides opt for lace as their wedding material. Timeless vintage lace collections adorn the wedding shops and cafe's making a multi-million pound industry. In fact, lace was a big catwalk trend last summer; with creations by Chloé and Erdem, Louis Vuitton. Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta and Marchesa.  

In fact antique and vintage lace inspired clothing of an ethereal theme has been making a revival. There are more than 15 vintage styles available in White Tree Fabric's range. Choose from corded flower patterns, corded vintage lace; classic vintage lace, small flower lace and more.

Here at WhiteTree Fabrics, we have a very broad selection of lace fabrics in many different styles and colours, with the number of lace products we have in stock numbering over 700.  Our lace styles include Printed Lace, Floral Lace, Rigid Lace, Stretch Lace, Corded Lace, Crochet Lace, Foiled Lace, Bridal Lace, Guipure Lace, Geometric Lace, Embroidered Lace, Vintage Lace, and Metallic Lace. We aim to offer you the largest variety so that you can find the lace that you are looking for, for your own sewing projects.

View our extensive fabric collection and choose from over 1600 designs, in varying patterns and colours. If there's something you're looking for that you can't seem to find, then please contact us. Chances are we can get it and we would much rather stock the lovely things that you want to buy so that our shop offers the best selection possible.

If you would like a sample of any of our fabrics, simply click on a fabric on our website and click “Add Sample to Cart”. You can order up to 10 free samples.

Enjoy your visit to our site and please contact us ion the phone on +44(0) 115 9248666, or email us at if you have any queries.


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