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When it comes to finishing touches, buttons are often the final items added to a garment. We know a good choice of buttons is important to our customers, that's why we're building up our button collection slowly but surely. We already offer packs of buttons at really low prices, including handy little jars that would look great in your sewing room. If you're looking to buy individual buttons, then look no further than our crystal and Swarovski buttons. These buttons are really special and are suitable for wedding dresses, ocassion dresses and when you just need an extra bit of eye catching but stylish bling. In our buttons department, you'll also find the cover button tool and the cover buttons to go with it. Now you can co-ordinate your buttons by covering them with the fabric used in your garment, or a contrasting fabric. The options are endless! We have novelty shaped buttons too for childrenswear - stars, shapes, hearts, flowers and more! Take a look at our collection below. We're adding to this each day.

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